Your Quarantine Soundtrack!

Some new music to check out when listening to the same playlist starts getting to you!

Well it's certainly been a minute since my last post. Right now I'm blasting Adele's new song Hello on maximum volume. I've given a break to singing along with her cause my throat started hurting after about a day of screaming at the top of my lungs through the chorus (sorry neighbours). I'm also really... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Even!

So I've been catching up on my TV shows and my usual Youtube videos and this past week has been crazy but first I'll start on the new music I've been listening to.I got Hozier's album a couple months ago but I totally forgot that I had it so I did the whole listen to... Continue Reading →

I’m in Canadaaaaaa!!! :)

Hi there. It's been a while but there really isn't much to report. Well, I'm in Canada, for about a week now. Nothing reeeeaaaaalllyy has been happening. Well no, we bought a bed from Ikea and putting it together was a task.*I helped by reading the instructions (:* ┬áSo yea, we bought a bed aaaaaaaand... Continue Reading →

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