Weekly Wish List: Let’s Get Cooking!

New dishes I really want to try cooking!

Montreal Food Tour!

I've had the idea for this post for a couple months now, since I did the Barbados Food Tour post. It's about time I did one of those for Montreal! Now I know I've barely touched the surface of all of the great food places in Montreal but I've still established a couple favourites that... Continue Reading →

It’s Almost all over!

So I've finally made time to do this blogpost which I wanted to do ages ago but just kept putting it off. I've been pretty busy with classes and balancing everything, you know, cooking and cleaning and finding time to watch over shows that I don't have to watch over. I just finished up my... Continue Reading →

I’m baaaaaack

I'm baaaaack!! I sort of went into a dry spell when I was studying for exams and then with Christmas vacation I was just enjoying having the time off. Now it's my last couple days at home and I'm trying to get back into study mode. So what have I been up to for the... Continue Reading →

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