A Trip to Chinatown!!

A couple weekends ago, Nick and I decided to give up our assumed positions on the couch for the past 6 hours (binge watching Game of Thrones) to actually go outside. We had missed all of the sunlight for that day but there was something he’d been talking about since I got here in November and possibly before, dumplings. Anyone from the Caribbean would think like I did and think of those things that we would beg for in soup. Basically a ball of flour and sugar that made eating soup not so bad so of course I wasn’t too keen on trying them here, without the soup. Silly me didn’t realise he meant Chinese Dumplings, those little pockets of dough ¬†filled with meat. So we made the trek down to Chinatown for Dumplings. The walk there wasn’t too bad. Yes it was kind of cold out but the night lights and the scenery made it worth it.


When we first got to the place it was packed. There were a lot of large groups in there so we tried another dumpling place but it was also full. That’s what happens when you decide at 8:30pm on a Saturday that you want to go out for dinner. For making myself leave my comfy spot on the couch, I had to have the dumplings he raved so much about so I told Nick I’d rather wait at the place he knows is good, Quing Hua Restaurant, than try somewhere else we may not like. So that’s what we did. And as it turned out a large group was leaving soon after we got there so we didn’t even wait that long. A small part of me was still expecting what I grew up knowing as dumplings but I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. It wasn’t soup we were having, it was these things:


I didn’t get a picture of it but there’s an open kitchen plan so you can watch your food being made with your choice of filling. I got the half and half of chicken with mushrooms and then I think it was beef and onion. So your dumplings come out on a steamer which seemed a little intimidating but it was basically because I wasn’t actually hungry. Regardless of this these were well worth the wait. Anyone, hungry or not, would like them. After my fill and Nick eating what I couldn’t we decided to walk through the rest of Chinatown just to look around.




Once out of Chinatown it was a big surprise to find a sort of fair going on in the middle of the street with zip lining and a ferris wheel in full swing. A bigger surprise was that everything was free.


There were hot chocolate and coffee stalls set up to help keep everyone warm, a stage with a live cover band and even bobsledding. In a matter of a couple days a full fair had popped up. The only thing we were remotely interested in trying was the bobsledding (the zip lining had a wait time of over 2 hours) but it turns out the wait time for that was over an hour so we continued walking through. Our last stop here was an interesting wooden set up with lights in the middle, sort of like a camp fire.


We quickly figured out that the lights got higher and higher with the more movement and heat around it which was interesting to watch. Then we found the sign that explained it all.


Of course we thought nothing more of this fair after we left but it turns out it went on for a couple more weekends after we saw it and was a great attraction for kids of all ages. I’m pretty sure it was put on Bell and some other companies but it was seriously a cool thing to see and would have been cooler if the lines weren’t so long but that’s what you get for going on the night it opened.

On a whole the night was a great success and hopefully (fingers crossed) we got back for dumplings soon.


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