Give Me The Works!

As we’re still doing our best to stay inside and away from large groups, a major source of fun and satisfaction was taken away, going out to eat. Now only a small part of that experience was taken away, the sitting down there and eating part. Luckily, a lot of places are still open for takeaway orders so that you can get a break from cooking all the time and still get to try new things!

One place that’s become an immediate go to if the meat hasn’t defrosted in time is The Works.


Located literally a few blocks from me in the heart of downtown London it’s a struggle not to get food from here every week. Their vast menu with so many variations of burgers it can satisfy any craving you’re having. And the food is always amazing! I can’t remember the name of the burger I got the first time but it was one of the best burgers I had simply from the first bite.

Want a milkshake to go with that burger? They have that too! Not that I’ve had one but Nick has said that they are some of the best milkshakes he’s tried.

You can choose from your bacon lover options with Gettin’ Piggy With It or get a vegan option with their Beyond Sexy burger. At first I told myself I would work my way through their burgers but that plan failed. I found one I can’t part with, the Hamburger Mary.

This burger has captured my heart and is soooo entirely tasty. There’s a slight saltiness to the taste but the savory taste from the fried egg is the perfect balance for that. And the egg is cooked perfectly with it being just runny enough to coat the entire burger and have that taste is every bite.

Nick however has been going through and trying different burgers from the maple bacon in the War Pig to the smoked beef brisket in the Dead Ringer. Unfortunately the food was just too good to get a picture before devouring it. The works has spoiled all other burgers for us. If there’s ever a time when we’re deciding what to eat, we will probably not choose a burger because if we wanted a really good burger, there’s The Works!

Lucky for everyone in Canada, The Works isn’t just in downtown London. Look for one near you and tell me what your favourite is! Maybe it can pull me away from the Hamburger Mary. 🙂


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