Weekly Wish List: Gamer Edition!

Staying home means more time for at-home things. I went through my phase of cleaning everything, got over that one pretty quickly, and I got into the groove of doing work during the day and being creative in my free time. Now that I’m well into this groove some free time has opened up on weekends and some weeknights. On one hand I could read a book or watch a show or movie, or I could try out some new video games!

My sister recently got a PS4 so that’s even more encouragement to play some more games. I mostly play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and I may decide to finally finish Crash Team Racing on a random day but I’m on the hunt for some new games to play like the ones I’ve fallen in love with. Ultimately I would LOVE to get a game like Kung Fu Chaos (or just get it back somehow) but sadly that’s not going to happen. If you have any suggestions please let me know! 🙂


Here’s my list:

First I’d like to upgrade my COD and play with some friends online. I was reluctant to move on from Ghosts to Black Ops 3 and now I’m reluctant to move onto this one but I’m going to do it! I was hoping to get it second hand maybe but no one around here is selling it. (good sign that it’s a good game right?)

For my driving needs I’ll be trying out Project Cars 2 with my sister. I’ve always loved driving games so I’m hoping this one satisfies that itch to drift a car around a corner and to have a more realistic driving game than CTR.

I’m on the hunt for a game similar to Portal Knights, as in a couch co-op that is sort of relaxing. I absolutely loved playing this game! I’ve played this through with Nick about 3 times, going for the 4th if we get bored enough. I’ve heard some people say Minecraft but that’s a no. It still gets the occasional update but nothing major enough to change my mind from playing as a Mage.

One that I’m kind of curios about is called Control. I’ve never heard of it but it kind of reminds me of Borderlands with the powers thing and it looks interesting.

And that’s my list! If you have any suggestions for games you think I’ll like then leave a comment and I’ll take a look at it!


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