The Virus Made Me Do It!

I was desperate and it had to happen. People do desperate things in these strange lock down and quarantine times. I debated it for weeks but we (Nick and I) finally did it. We bit the bullet and relaxed my hair at home. And I made my sister do it as well for moral support.

It took a surprisingly long time to come to even contemplating this decision. I’ve had relaxer sitting in my cupboard from my Montreal days and I felt a bit stupid complaining about about needing my hair done while that was in my cupboard. So yea, Claire convinced me to do it and even said she’d do it with me. Then I had to get Nick on board, (wasn’t hard) and make a list of everything I needed to pick up. While Nick was understandably scared to mess up my hair since it has gotten so long (messing it up would definitely show up), I was terrified of burning my hair off my head. After about a week my anxiety shifted from messing up my hair to the fact that I’m making my sister do this without having someone there to help her like I have. Why would I make her do this?!?!

Anyways, the way to get over my anxiety a bit was to prepare. I watched a ton of videos and then ventured out to buy everything I needed.

From the pharmacy I picked up the cheapest dye kit I could find for the gloves and if you’re in luck, you may find a brush in there but my pharmacy didn’t have any that had brushes. I was also lucky enough to find a dye brush to use to apply the relaxer and then a pair of combs with the thin ends (does everyone call them rat tail combs?) that I could use for parting my hair

From Amazon I only bought one thing surprisingly. I did my research and settled on this neutralizing shampoo.

The reviews were good and I really didn’t want to buy a larger size than this since there’s not telling if I’m even going to be relaxing my hair at home again.


Next I sent Nick to Dollarama to pick up some vaseline or the store brand version and he came back with the jackpot.

He found GLOVES!! A pack of 10 at that! The petroleum jelly is for basing my scalp btw. With these things we had everything.

Once again my anxiety was hard at work and I dreamed that the relaxer I had went bad and turned black so I had to go and check on it to make sure.

It was fine. I’m just crazy.

So after watching and helping Claire do hers on video chat it was time to do mine. A couple hours later (Nick had to learn how to part my hair but he caught on fast) the hard part was done!

Almost done.

I hadn’t had a trim since October 2019 so I had to convince Nick to give me a bit of a trim after I blow dried and flat ironed my hair myself for the first time in six years. SIX YEARS! Trimming my hair was a bit traumatic for both of us and we will not be trying this again. I had a bit of breakage from a protective style gone wrong which made it a bit tricky. Even including that everything was a success!

If you’ve watched any of my Youtube videos on my hair updates you would know that I don’t relax my hair very straight, I like a bit of texture left in my hair and lucky for me the front of my hair is perfect! The back is a bit straighter than I would have wanted but it still isn’t bone straight so I’m happy.

I think we did an amazing job for the first time (hopefully last time) doing this ourselves.


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