Weekly Wish list: Sephora Edition

Every time the Sephora sale comes around I start off with about 15 things in my cart. (Hopefully you already placed your orders now that the sale is done) I have a bad habit of filling up my cart right after I make an order with all the things I wish I had gotten and this time was no different. I made sure to only get my need-wants, which are completely different from want-needs, and then I put all the things I wish I had gotten back in my cart for next time.

I’ve been trying out new products from different brands recently. I’ve gotten a couple things from Murad, some from Sunday Riley, and a couple things from The Ordinary. One brand I really want to try but didn’t get to this time around is Fresh.

I’ve always heard great things about this brand and in particular I want to try their toner, essence, moisturizer, and face mask.

Until I get the chance I’ll keep watching videos of people using these products, fantasizing about when, hopefully in the near future, I get the chance to try these out. I’ve never used an essence so I’m especially excited to try that eventually!

I’ll share with you all the good stuff I got from the sale when my package finally arrives 🙂


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