Weekly Wish List: Let’s Get Cooking!

So I’ve been having an empowering couple of months in the kitchen. NIck and I have been trying new recipes so much that we’re going back to our basic recipes now. So now that we’re trying some new recipes, some that are much easier than I would have thought, it makes me want to try even more.


So this isn’t a new recipe, we’ve made them before but that was years ago. I really want to make some Bajan fishcakes again and maybe some bakes as well. We’ve been cooking saltfish normally so why not fishcakes too. When we made them the taste was great, the shape not so much.

So we’ve done coconut bread, and now banana bread. Neither of them dairy free but not enough dairy to cause a lot of trouble for me. What I do want to try are some dairy free cup cakes. I always look for vegan recipes to help me do dairy free meals so I think I should be able to find a recipe that works.

I really really really want to try making Chinese style dumplings. I saw the mold come up on Amazon and finally looked up how it’s done and it looks dooable. I’m sure it’s not going to be as good as what we got in Montreal but the fact that we made it would make them taste better.


This might be a bit of missing Montreal but I also want to try making the Japanese noodles we used to get in Montreal. I kind of think this is going to be harder to make than the dumplings but it’s going to be nice and healthy cause I’m determined to put in some bok choy and some other veggies.


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