It’s Almost all over!

So I’ve finally made time to do this blogpost which I wanted to do ages ago but just kept putting it off. I’ve been pretty busy with classes and balancing everything, you know, cooking and cleaning and finding time to watch over shows that I don’t have to watch over. I just finished up my midterm for class and now it’s time to work on my cases and get read for the final. Great. That probably means no more Netflix and staying up until 3 which I did last night.

Yesterday I got to spend the day with my cousin Brianna which was great. We went looking for some drugstore makeup for her which took us all around Midtown, from Time Square then over to 50th and 9th, back through Time Square and down to Macy’s on 34th street, back over to 9th avenue for lunch at Red Hen, to 53rd and 6th, and then back to Time Square. Yea, a lot of walking. I didn’t even feel tired about it all until I got home and sat down for a little while. We found basically everything we wanted and she was really happy with what we got so I was really happy to help her out and to spend the day. I always think it’s a good conversation when afterwards you don’t remember specifics about what you talked about. I know there weren’t any awkward lulls in the conversation but I honestly can’t remember what we talked about lol. 

For lunch yesterday we ate at Red Hen which Brianna suggested purely because she’s never had it and that she knows cute boys work there -__-. The food there was good though. All of their dishes are chicken based which is good so that I didn’t have to think that much about what would be in the dish. We both got chicken strips and mashed potatoes which sounded pretty boring but it was sooo yummy!!

The chicken was good, not seasoned too much but the sauce that came with it was good. I probably should have gotten the 3 strips and not the 5 but 3 seemed like too little. This was also my first time having full on fried food since I had food poisoning so I was a little bit nervous about it. The mashed potatoes was so DIVINE!!! It was creamy and seasoned well and the “gravy” on it made it really good. I say “gravy” because it’s nothing like the gravy I’m used to in the Caribbean. 

Soooo before yesterday my only other outing was going to time square for mascara from Mac. I honestly didn’t have to go all the way to time square but I’m glad I did. 

I think I want to find a replacement for this mascara which gives more of a flare for the lashes or something. I’ve been thinking about the L’oreal mascara and then Brianna got the Rimmel mascara yesterday which looked really good on her so that can also be an option. 

On my way there I stopped in at Aeropostale for some reason, I don’t really know why but I’m glad I did. I got a couple new gym clothes pieces since they were on sale. I also finally got my package from Forever 21 with my new dresses.

I’ve been trying to incorporate more dresses into my closet and to make an effort to wear them more along with my skirts so these were just a start to do that. They all fit okay except for the middle one with the patterns. The top of it fits a bit big on the top but I really want to find a way to make it fit. But I’m really happy with them and how they fit and how they look so I’m really looking forward to wear them. 

I’ve been going to the gym soooo consistently and really pushing my stretches and everything so I feel really good about it and I can sort of see a difference already. I have to find a way to keep with with it once I move in a couple weeks but hopefully I’ll figure it out. 

On the tv show front I’ve only been really watching Pretty Little Liars, Baby Daddy, Dance Moms and So You Think You Can Dance. I still think that SYTYCD is a parody of all the Step Up Movies and I still really don’t like Jason Derulo and Paula Adbul as judges. They could have tried to get Jenna Dewan or someone else who’s taken pure dance classes for years and understands the dedication it needs to get a proper perspective for the stage side in they were going to get rid of Mary Murphy. For the street side I just want to know what happened to Lil C and Dave Scott. They would have made great judges for the show and would understand what to bring to the street side. I’m still on the fence about continuing to watch Dance Moms because it seems that Abby just does and says things for ratings and doesn’t really care about the actual people on the show but that’s bound to happen on reality tv. 

Anyways, I’m off to get some lunch and get to my large pile of things to do today.


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