Finally a new Post…..New Name?

So this is the first post under a new name and everything. Yaaaaayyy!! I was really delaying this because I couldn’t settle on a name that I felt wasn’t too predictable and I think this fits perfectly. Basically I just think that since life is an open ended book where you can choose the chapters and what happens in each chapter, “And then what” is the perfect thing people say to get to know what’s happening next. So with that settled I can get into what I’ve been doing.

Which is a whole lot of nothing lol. I finished my last course at Pace which means I am officially no longer a student. :). It feels weird not having a class or studying looming over my head all the time but it’s also a good feeling now that I get to do other things I’ve been putting off. Like reading. After finishing my final and moving all in the same day I spent the next couple of days just reading and doing a whole lot of nothing. I read Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover which is sort of a continuation of Hopeless and Losing Hope. I really like this novella but it really left me wanting more from this story. Keeping with the author I read one of her other books Ugly Love which reminded me a little of 50 Shades without all the explicitness. It was a good read and sort of predictable in some parts and shocking in others. His back story is what surprised me and I commend her for successfully shocking me. 

I stopped watching Graceland simply because I read what happens in the rest of season 2 and I didn’t like it so I’m finding it difficult to actually watch it all play out. I think I’ll do a separate post for all the movies and shows I’ve been watching since I think that will take up too much time. I’m thinking about adding in some video clips if I work up the nerve. Now that I don’t have classes I’ll probably have a lot more time to devote to my blog which is what I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The only problem is that now I’m finished classes I don’t go out as much so it might be a bit boring so I really have to work on trying new things and taking pictures. Let me go get started on that 🙂


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