Where are you Summer Weather??

So today is Friday and I’ve had about three classes for my summer course and we’ve covered 3 chapters so I think we’re going pretty fast. I however am still reading chapter 2 so I have a bit of catching up to do but it’s doable. Nothing to worry about. 

This week was a great week for me :). For starters I finally washed my hair. I hadn’t washed my hair for 2 weeks so it was time. It didn’t smell or anything but I usually wash my hair once a week and deep condition it so this was just a long time. To make it sound worse I just told Claire that I hadn’t washed my hair since graduation and that grossed her out a little :). Tuesday started my gym cycle. When finals were coming up I stopped doing pilates to give me more time to study so it was about a month of not working out so I took it easy on Tuesday and only did cardio. I did about 10 minutes on the elliptical and half an hour on the bicycle. I know 10 minutes is not a lot but it sort of felt pointless cause I can’t set the weight on it or the setting (weight loss, high interval etc) so it was just on an easy setting. I did however do a weight loss cycle on the bicycle on a higher weight so I fought to finish that one. For Wednesday and Thursday I did some pilates after my cardio which I feel really good about. Today however I’m a little tired so I’m taking the day off. I also started back with the Wendy’s salads which makes me fell and healthy and everything :).

On the job hunting front I’ve applied for a couple jobs but I haven’t heard anything back yet so I’m still on the lookout for anything. I have a meeting set up with career services next week so hopefully a couple opportunities turn up. I just really really want to find something. I’m almost itching to put all my studying to use right now but I know for right now my focus is on finishing this last course and being done with studying (for now). I still want to start my CFA studying but I think I want to get a job first to help pay for it. 

Today the weather finally got a bit warmer after it decided to revert back to the tail end of winter. why oh why would it be 13 degrees in May?? And when all my winter clothes are packed up what am I supposed to do? Basically I just walked really fast and shivered. But today was nice outside. Not too cold, not too hot, and my hair was cooperating today.

I had it in a french braid since Monday night and when I pulled on my hoodie it basically fell apart so I had to take it down. This reminds me that I’ve been meaning to get a Lubin School of Business hoodie if they have one. I went in Time Square to Mac to get a new mascara and I don’t know why but I went in Aeropostale and their gym clothes were on sale so I bought a couple new pieces. I don’t even know what made me go inside but I’m glad I did. But now I need to ignore whatever feeling that is hold off on the shopping.

Anyways, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to take more pictures. I mean I live in New York so there’s always something to take a picture of so today’s picture was found in the subway.

Even though I don’t have a gaming console right now I’m still curious about this game. To be honest I thought it was a poster for the movie at first but then I actually read it lol. 

So I’m off to do some work now and be good and everything. 


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