Getting Back into the Swing of Things

So I’m now about 2 weeks into my summer course and I’m only now feeling back in study mode. This is mostly because I spent the first week and a bit reading the Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout. 

I’ve actually had this series on my computer for a while, probably since spring break but I just didn’t have a chance to read it yet. I am in love with this series just like how I was in love with her other series Lux. I love how the characters developed along with the story and we saw them change because of everything going on in the books. I also like how the world she created in this series was still current and it incorporated other things in it like movies and tv shows. The character development was really great and the linking of one book to the other was great. It was more of how one problem from one book expanded to the problem in the next book, there was always a link between them.There’s something about her writing that is so descriptive and captivating that you don’t want to stop reading. I have to admit that the ending seemed a bit rushed to me like everything was solved and wrapped up in a pretty little bow to finish it off but I still liked it. It took me about 6 days to finish them all which included going to class and sleeping the normal amount :). I don’t think I’m going to start another series until I’ve finished this course just to make sure that I do the reading for class. Instead I’ll just work on my own writing since I don’t seem to have a problem with leaving that hanging at any given moment. I do have another series to read on my computer called Mad World by Christine Zolendz.

It’s gotten pretty good reviews on Goodreads so I’m hopeful for this series but if not I’ll just read another Jennifer Armentrout series :). She’s becoming one of my favourite writers.

In other news, I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with this blog once I finish all my courses at Pace. I want to keep blogging since I really like it but the name would have to change eventually. I’ll probably decide that at the last minute. I think today I’ll hit the gym and cook some chicken or something to go with my amazing quinoa I did. It looks amazing but I didn’t add enough salt when it was cooking but whatever. I’ll get it right next time.


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