My 2017 Wrapped

For the past two years, I’ve been given a nice little gift from Spotify, My year in review. Basically they just pick out the 100 songs I’ve listened to the most and put them all in a playlist so that for the month of December, I give my Christmas Playlist a little break and reminisce with all the songs I’ve loved throughout the year. I also play it for about the first couple days in January as I try to catch up on all the new music I’ve missed.

There are always the obvious ones that were popular later on in the year like 1-800-273-8255 by Logic, Alessia Cara and Khalid, Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato and Havana by Camila Cabello. I expected those ones to be on the list.¬† What I didn’t remember was how much I listened to the Moana Soundtrack.


There are about three or four songs from the soundtrack in my playlist, We Know The Way, How Far I’ll Go, and my personal favourite, I Am Moana. Thinking back now, I spent a good couple weeks playing those songs over and over again, learning the words and screaming them out. They were real feel good songs that kept me in a good mood all day.

There were a couple songs from non-mainstream albums which made me happy to hear again. I wouldn’t call Nathan Sykes non-mainstream but not a lot of people know a ton of his songs so for now he counts. A couple songs off his album Unfinished Business made it into my rewind playlist and they instantly put a smile on my face.


I loved this album. The songs have a classic feel and they are so heartfelt and touching. Even though three of them made the list, Tears In The Rain, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, and Famous, my favourite by far is Tears In The Rain. I don’t know why I connect with sad songs so easily but this one stuck with me. It would make an awesome breakup song for someone still in that sad phase of it, not the *I’m getting over you* phase.

Another non-mainstream artist that makes an appearance on my playlist is Jesse McCartney. I totally forgot I had a phase of playing his album on repeat.


A lot of people haven’t heard much from him since his Beautiful Soul days but I kept up with him during his Departure album when his collaborated with Ludacris for How Do You Sleep and now his album In Technicolor. There are also a couple great songs on that album. This album sort of flew by me and I missed it’s release date but from the first listen I was impressed which is probably why Punch Drunk Recreation (PDR), Checkmate, and All About Us made it to my playlist. PDR makes a great song to dance around to and for getting ready to. It really keeps your spirit up while Checkmate just makes you sad all over again.

I didn’t know this but I’ve also listened to some new rock songs this year, by Breaking Benjamin and Paramore. I remember giving the Breaking Benjamin album a try but it seems only two songs stuck with me, Failure and Angles Fall. As for Paramore, I know for a fact how much I love Fake Happy but I apparently loved Hard Times too. It’s nice to know that no matter how much pop and other genres take over the charts, I will always find a bit of Rock to keep me sane.

As for my mellow side, of course there’s a ton of Ed Sheeran with Hearts Don’t Break Around Here, Perfect (was almost the song for my first dance at my wedding) Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson with Symphony, and one that I had on repeat for a weak, MAX with Lights Down Low. One you may not have heard of that I play at least once a week still is by Cassidy Ford called You’ve Got This Hold On Me. It’s such a sweet song that I think captures the beginning of a relationship so well and I never get tired of hearing it.

As much as I say that dance is “no longer a part of my life”, I still become attached to song from dance videos. This year a huge one for me was one that the Kinjaz dances to by Problem called Betta Watch Yo Self. I must have had this song on repeat for about a month.¬†Other honorable mentions are Macklemore with Glorious, the comeback of Jojo with F*** Apologies ft. Wiz Khalifa, and Belly with Man Listen.

To finish it all off, my most played song of 2017 was Chasing Highs by Alma. I seriously surprised by this. I know I played it a lot and screamed the chorus out many, many, many times but to see that this played more than Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato and every other pop song out there kind of makes me happy.

And that people, are the highlights from my year on Spotify. If you want you can listen to my playlist here and let me know what are some of the songs you’ve had on repeat this year.

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