2017 Book Reviews

This year’s book list isn’t as long and impressive as last year’s. Last year I really got through a ton of books and fell in love with a lot of them. This year, I found myself a bit stuck. Part of me didn’t want to let go of the innocence of some of the books I’d read before but a large part of me wanted to read books with a more grown up plot. I didn’t want to read about anyone in high school anymore, which in a way I’ve accomplished. I did, however read over a couple of my favourite series, Significance (which I’m reading over right now) and the More Than series. I did manage to find some really good ones though that surprised me.

For one there was Only With You by Lauren Layne.

Only With You

This was me going out on a limb with a new author but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve done a review on this so I’ll probably be repeating a lot of what I’ve said before. What I loved about this book was that the protagonist, Sophie, had a really big and fiery personality. She was defiant and determined and it was easy to root for her. I remember the shock I had when I felt myself about to cry near the end of this book. I think that’s a true testament to how attached I became to her by the end which also speaks to how great the writing is on this one.

A big tear jerker is It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.

It Ends With Us

I did a review on this so I don’t know how much more to say on it other than go read it! Halfway through the book I was convinced it was going to be a happy ending and when the twist started, I was in denial right there along with Lily. It was hard to believe that the perfect world I thought they had created together was falling apart. I love how strong she was at the end to know when to walk away and I can only wish that anyone else in that position has the same strength she did.


A strange choice for me was My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal.

My Last Kiss

For one the protagonist, Cassidy, is in high school but I couldn’t put it down. Basically Cassidy dies at the beginning of the book and she has to figure out how she died. It’s captivating, has its own twists and turns and for some reason I thought that in the end she wouldn’t be dead anymore somehow. The let down when I realized that wasn’t the case left me a bit timid to read another book. It really got to me.

Till Death by Jennifer Armentrout was a book with an unconventional plot in my opinion.

Till Death

It wasn’t the typical, boy meets girl and they fall in love plot. It was more about Sasha finding herself again after having to leave her home town. It’s full of mystery and suspense and really keeps you on your toes as everything unravels. I love how realistic it was that it wasn’t all that easy to just jump back into her old life and that even though she was learning to be strong for herself again, she also let others be strong with her. Again, another book with a strong female lead. I’m seeing a trend here.

The Strongest Steel by Scarlett Cole is a book I’m really happy I found.

The Strongest Steel

Again, it has a female protagonist that is learning to find her voice again after an event in her past. I love how she was somewhat dragged out of her bubble of depression but also went willingly. Trent knew exactly how much to push Harper out of her comfort zone but was always there to hold her hand if it became too much. I love how by the end of it she was even stronger than she was before “the event” and had built a life for herself worth fighting for.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon was a book that I had tried to read a couple times but could never get very far.

Everything Everything

It has a different writing style to get used to and from the beginning I could tell it was going to be sad. Watching Madeline experience parts of the world for the first time gave a refreshing perspective of things for me. I found myself looking at trees differently, touching things I wouldn’t think of touching like dirt on the ground, trying to find new ways to describe it and experience it. Of course there’s the twist at the end but once you understand what started it, it’s hard to stay angry. What I was lucky for was that I read the book before I watched the movie so watching it come to life was so exciting, to relive it all over again.

The Gamble Brothers Series by J. Lynn (aka Jennifer Armentrout) has the style of a series I’ve grown to love.

The Gamble Brothers

To move from character to character within a group really keeps me engaged in a series and wanting more. You get to know a little about everyone in the first book while the main characters are the focus but when the other books starts you can really understand why they are the way they are. I love how even though the books are about the brothers finding love, it isn’t the prominent plot of the books. There is always something else going on that either distracts them or leads them to it so that at the end of it, they’ve gained something other than a significant partner.

I have high hopes for my reading future in 2018. I’ve made good use of Goodreads and I’m doing a lot better with keeping track of what books I read when. I’ve found a couple books and series that match the style I like to read and I’m excited to get through all of them, good or bad.

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