Life Update: Work Life

It’s now been just over three months since I started my new job. It’s a full time position that isn’t exactly close to home so it’s been an adjustment for both me and for Nick. For one I have to wake up before 8am which I haven’t done consistently in over a year. And once I’m up, Nick’s up. Even if he goes back to sleep it’s not the same. Then there’s the hour and a bit commute to get into work that makes it so that I’m away from home for about eleven hours. I’m not complaining, I love working here, but it’s just an adjustment.


With that said, there have been a few changes with my social media presence. For one my Youtube videos have basically stopped. I didn’t mean for it to happen but with work I just don’t have the time to edit like I used to. I currently have three videos filmed to be edited so hopefully I’ll get to that this weekend. Then my blog posts have also fallen off their schedule. Again, not on purpose BUT i do have two posts drafted that just need some pictures added and then they’ll be ready to be posted. Of course there’s also the fact that I’m hardly on snapchat and instagram anymore but I’m trying. I think once I can get into the habit of editing on weekends I can figure out another schedule.


One surprising thing I love about this job is how tired I am at the end of the day. Before, I would stay up for hours after Nick went to sleep just being awake. Not really doing anything but just not tired enough to sleep. Now, with all my commuting, I fall asleep at 9:30pm! Which is great because now we can fall asleep together. It’s weird I know but I felt really bad staying awake while Nick was sleeping because I didn’t want to wake him up. But now I fall asleep to him playing his Nintendo Switch in bed :).

Of course there’s the added bonus of wearing a major part of my wardrobe, my work clothes, and I get to dress up and look all professional when I want. And then now in the winter I can wear a sweater and be comfortable if I want to. It’s nice.


As much as the commute seems to suck for others, I get about two hours of reading time every day to catch up on my reading list which means more book reviews!! Admittedly there are some days I don’t read and just listen to my music but if I was driving, that’s time spent not reading and it takes about the same amount of time driving or taking the metro so I’m okay with the arrangement for now.


On a whole it’s been a good change to actually feel like an adult and to be working. I feel like all my studying isn’t just being wasted. It feels good to be at work and I really love the people there already.

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