Life Update: Work Life

It's now been just over three months since I started my new job. It's a full time position that isn't exactly close to home so it's been an adjustment for both me and for Nick. For one I have to wake up before 8am which I haven't done consistently in over a year. And once... Continue Reading →

Life Changes

So this will be my first post writing from WordPress. I've been playing with the idea for a long time now to switch over from Blogspot and I finally did it. Right now I'm working on putting out some more Youtube videos to go along with my blog. I don't think I will ever get... Continue Reading →

We forgot a suitcase!?!

I DID IT!! It feels weird to say but I no longer live in New York. Yesterday we woke up at 6 to get our flight here to Montreal and it was such an interesting morning. Firstly, I woke up and turned off the alarm on my phone at 6am only to fall straight back... Continue Reading →

Mid-Mid-Semester Update :)

It's Sunday and I'm doing my usual thing of being the library all day. I'm trying to get back ahead of all my classes and putting in some extra reading, you know, just being a nerd. Tonight is the Oscars so I don't want to have anything left to do once I go home. So what... Continue Reading →

Winding down in Montreal :(

Another wash day for my hair, another blog post. It's been a pretty great week since my last post :). Last Friday I went to Laser Quest with Nick and his research group which was AWESOME!! We did two rounds of laser tag. The first one was a free-for-all round and the second one was... Continue Reading →

It’s World Cup Season!

So this post is about 4 days late and the football World Cup is to blame. I've been watching about 2 matches per day if not more and its been an awesome tournament so far with tons of surprises and upsets. Like seriously how in the world is Barcelona-and-Friends (Spain) knocked out already. I know... Continue Reading →

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