We forgot a suitcase!?!

I DID IT!! It feels weird to say but I no longer live in New York. Yesterday we woke up at 6 to get our flight here to Montreal and it was such an interesting morning. Firstly, I woke up and turned off the alarm on my phone at 6am only to fall straight back to sleep and wake up at 6:18. I had another alarm at 6:30 for my “you should be done getting ready, pack up everything” time so we were already a bit behind. Somehow we were still ready at 7 to leave as planned so we called the Uber since I had a free ride and went to the airport. 

The next interesting thing was that as I was getting out of the car to meet Nick and the driver who was taking the suitcases out, I put my bag on the suitcase and the driver takes off. I look behind Nick for the other carry on suitcase and it isn’t there. He forgot it in the front seat so we had to call him to come back. He actually left a message on my phone saying he was coming back but when I made that phone call I was literally shaking. As usual we couldn’t do curbside check in but we checked in fine at the counter and went through security which was also fine. The TSA guy there also went to Pace (I was wearing my bright pink Pace hoodie) so we chatted a bit while I was waiting to go through. Everything went well after that. Walked over to the gate and get breakfast before boarding. As usual I slept the entire flight which was only an hour or maybe less. Got through immigration and then it was homeward bound for us. 

I slept most of the day yesterday while Nick was at work so there’s nothing much to report about Montreal yet. I went to lunch with Nick and Andrew today and I got Thai Express and then I finished up catching up on all my Youtube videos to watch. Took me a good while actually. While watching Raven Elyse’s vlog from her time in NY she had a clip from the club and Ruppee was playing!!! That reminds me, I went to the Young Barbadian Professionals Society event on Saturday with my cousin and I had SUCH a good time!! Hung out with Porgie and Murda for a while and then it was like a Alison Hinds concert for like an hour and a half. 

So yea I got a couple videos of everyone that performed but they don’t seem to want to upload to check out my instagram for those (@CarlaCJ21). Basically the entertainment was what saved the event since there was no Bajan food. Not one bit of it. No rice and peas, macaroni pie, fish cakes. Nothing. The server didn’t even know what a Banks beer was. I was really disappointed in that aspect of it but what may have saved the day was that there was a little box in a bang hung on each chair and when I opened it I thought it was a chocolate cupcake so I saved it for Nick. Turns out it was a Great Cake cupcake so according to Nick that saved it. Next time I just hope they choose a venue that allows for outside catering so that it can be an authentic Bajan event. 

I’m getting a bit hungry so I’m thinking I’ll make myself a sandwich or I can pop over to Subway and buy something since there isn’t much to make a sandwich with. I’ll decide in a bit. I’m hoping to film a couple videos I had planned to do before I left and packing got crazy but I never got the chance so I’ll film them as I unpack. Keep an eye out for them on my Youtube channel.

Until next time… 🙂


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