Movie Reviews!!

This movie post is long overdue but I have a good reason, I was still watching movies. I’m actually watching one while writing this, Blended. For most of it I’m just saying whyyyy a lot but it’s still funny. I haven’t really been doing much of anything other than packing. I did a vlog for a day about it on my Youtube channel but I didn’t do much of packing that day. 

Ok so movie number 1 waaaasssss Fantastic Four, the new one. I was fully prepared for this to fully suck so my standards were already low for it but I think I figured out why it sucked so much. For one, there was really no plot. Everything felt rushed and too coincidental. For one how can Reed build the thing with Ben and not fight for Ben to also come to the special school with him?? Like seriously they found a place for Johnny and he’s not super smart or anything, he was just building things which is what Ben does. That would have made for a better reason for Ben being there other than just calling him up and saying “hey we’re doing this thing we’re not supposed to so imma just get you into my school for the night and strap you into an experiment that we probably shouldn’t be doing.” I think my way just sounds more copacetic. After that everything was weird like how Reed sneaks out but doesn’t try to get anyone else out with him. Then Johnny’s whole attitude was weird when he was like “yes, I want to be used by the military like a machine. It’s the greatest.” That was really weird for me. What I wanna know is what the heck was that planet?? Does it have a name or were they only concerned with the powers and not where or what the planet was. I think that’s an important thing to know and since years passed you would think they put some thought into that. 

Movie #2 was Mr. Holmes. I’ve been waiting to watch this for a while so when I got the chance to watch it I was excited. I actually watched it with Nick over Skype. This movie already had 2 pros going for it; its about Sherlock Holmes and it starred Ian Mckellen. The movie was really nice. It was pleasant and funny in parts and sad in others. I really like British comedy and this one had a lot of it. And learning about bees was just the added bonus I guess. All in all it was a good watch. I wouldn’t watch it over in a rush but I would recommend it.

Movie #3 was Max. I know I know its not the typical thing to watch and I probably wouldn’t have known about it if not for Robbie Amell. For those who don’t know he’s Stephen Amell’s cousin, you know, Oliver Queen in Arrow. Yea so that’s how I found out about this. Plus it had a military aspect to it so I probably would have found it eventually. I’m pretty sure I cried in the beginning of it. I kinda figured out the plot once all the players were introduced into the movie but watching it all play out was still interesting unlike in other movies. The acting wasn’t bad either so that was great. It’s a good movie for dog lovers as well. Also a good thing to aspire to for dog owners. Having a dog so well trained would be cool. It’s not a long movie so it would be good for kids as well. 

Number 4 was Paper Towns. I heard all the hype about it and everyone saying they loved it so I thought it was going to be a great movie but honestly it wasn’t that great and definitely not as good as The Fault In Our Stars. I was a bit skeptical from the get go when everyone was excited for a movie by a movie when the other one based on the author’s work was seriously just released. We didn’t even know if it was going to be good yet so why are we so excited about the next one? I think the target audience for this is a little younger than mine. The story was ok. The clues and stuff that Margo left behind were clever but I honestly felt bad that he didn’t get the girl in the end. I get it that not everything gets a happy ending but this was just a bit cruel. She blatantly said ummm no I just leave clues for fun, not because I wanted you to find me. 

Almost done. Number 5 was Hot Pursuit. This one made me all out laugh a lot. Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon are hilarious together. I love how there was a MASSIVE twist in the end. I wish I watched it sooner but it was really worth the wait. There’s nothing much to say about it other than it was a good watch. I think I spend about 80% of the movie laughing. 

Last but not least was Inside Out. Now Claire already said that she cried while watching it so I was prepared for it but apparently that meant waiting anxiously for a sad part wondering if this is the part that is gonna make me cry which ended in me not crying at all since I was overly prepared for it. This is a movies I would watch again soon. It was a bit long in the plot development but still good. Kids would really like it a lot and it really gives great insight into what goes on inside people’s brains 🙂

Now I can add Blended to my list of movies that I’ve watched in a two week span. In the end its rather funny and the whole blended family thing is kind of modern and relevant I guess. Yea so that’s enough typing for one post. Comment any good movies I should watch or any non popular ones that surprised you. 

Until next time, which might probably be when I get to Canada, have a great weekend since its already Thursday night. It’s starting to get cold and smart me packed my winter jacket and my heavy sweaters so I’ll be hoping and praying that it doesn’t get very cold in the next couple days. 


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