Life Update :)

Well it’s certainly been a minute since my last post. Right now I’m blasting Adele’s new song Hello on maximum volume. I’ve given a break to singing along with her cause my throat started hurting after about a day of screaming at the top of my lungs through the chorus (sorry neighbours). I’m also really happy Mack Wilds was in the video. If you didn’t recognize him he was in the 90210 remake that was on CW a couple years ago. 

Anyways, onto what I’ve been up to. A couple of small stuff happened over the last two weeks. For one, my birthday was a couple days after my last post. I didn’t have anything planned since it’s just me here so I just wanted to catch up on some movies and maybe splurge and get some food. I did half of what I wanted to do. I woke up in the middle of the night like I usually do to use the bathroom and I realized I was super congested and I had the beginnings of a sore throat so I got a halls to suck on while I slept. I know it sounds dangerous but it sticks to the inside of my cheek as I sleep. I woke up and it was still there almost the same size. By then I had a full sore throat but I was really confident that it was going to pass since I felt fine. I took all my birthday calls and I was fine. By the time I finished breakfast I felt like crap so I went back to bed and took a nap. I’m pretty sure I had a fever since it was really warm outside and I was in a hoodie and under all the covers I could find. I was like that for about two days. By Friday I was pretty much back to normal and my sore throat was gone. 

On Saturday I decided to pop into the city to meet up with my cousins for the day. It was really a fun day to just hang out with them, not having an agenda of things to do or a specific time to do anything. I miss that a lot. For lunch we had thai was I was super happy about. I’ve been craving Chinese and Thai food recently for some reason. I’m over the pasta and traditional foods I usually eat. 

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but its near 55th and 8th, somewhere around there. As usual I got the pad siew and it was really good. I also like how there were veggies in it so I didn’t feel like it was a cheat meal. By the time I got home it was pretty dark so I think I just went to sleep. As usual Sunday was a do nothing day. I was supposed to do laundry but I’m pretty sure it was a play games on my tablet all day, day. 

Monday I went to Pace to sort out some stuff. I kinda knew what the answers to my questions were already but I just wanted to talk to someone in person and not by email or on the phone. I was feeling myself a little, or a lot so I got all dressed up. 🙂

The red lip is the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil that I got as my birthday gift from Sephora and I LOVE IT!!! I would seriously go back and buy it since mine is now all gone. The trip to Pace was kind of a dud since they didn’t tell me anything new and weren’t so keen in helping in any way so it was decided that I’m moving. My 90 day unemployment period is about to be up so its about time I made plans for my next life step. I have a couple more weeks but I don’t wanna be scrambling and rushing when the time comes so it’s decided I’m going to Montreal with Nick for a couple months. While planning the move I was wondering what I’m gonna do during all that time if I can’t find a job or something when the thought of doing a PhD came up. I’ve only ever thought about doing one during my second semester at Pace when my Professor was talking about hers. I’d never heard of anyone doing one in Finance so I really didn’t know it was something I could do but the more I read about it the more it interested me. The ability to do research and to learn more about the financial industry and the trends that are created really interest me. That is now my second option, after finding a job. I’m kind of surprised at how excited I am to do it since I thought I was finished with school and studying. 

On my way home from Pace I got the prettiest pictures that perfectly depict fall.

I saw them on my way to Pace so I was really excited that I got the window seat on the bus to take the pictures. I’m also really happy I got the pictures when I did because since then there was a really stormy day and the trees have lost all their pretty leaves.

I haven’t really done much of anything else, well except I started my Youtube channel!!! Yupp I finally did it. I had the videos sitting there, edited for a couple days and I was still doubting whether I should upload them but I did it. There are only two videos up so far but its a start. I have a couple ideas of what else I could film as I pack up all my stuff so I hope to get those done soon and I can also vlog my move so that should be interesting. The link is

I just tried it and you can search for me at RoxyCarla. I made that name years ago so I might look into changing that to my actual name ooorrrrr And Then What like I wanted it to be. 

That’s about all I’ve been up to. I think I’m going to do a post later this week on all the movies I’ve been watching cause there have been a few. Oh I’m thinking about starting a new segment at the end of every post. If you’ve known me for long enough you know I like to find obscure songs that no one knows about and that isn’t that popular. For the past couple days I’ve been playing More Than Life by Whitley constantly. It is actually the song that was played at the memorial for Sammy on Dance Academy so give it a listen and maybe tell me what you think of it.

Have a good week and here’s to this week being productive!!


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