Mid-Mid-Semester Update :)

It’s Sunday and I’m doing my usual thing of being the library all day. I’m trying to get back ahead of all my classes and putting in some extra reading, you know, just being a nerd. Tonight is the Oscars so I don’t want to have anything left to do once I go home. 

So what have I been up to? Last Friday (the day before Valentine’s Day) I took the train to Montreal to visit Nick for the weekend since I didn’t have class on the Monday and I don’t have classes on Tuesday. Perfect for a long weekend trip. So the train ride was 11 hours which to me felt like 3 days. If I was the type that could get work done while travelling it would’ve been perfect to do all my homework but there is something about travelling and moving that makes me sooo sleepy. I did a bit of reading, a chapter and a bit but nothing close to what I could have done if I didn’t have to sleep. The view on the train was beautiful though. 

With everything frozen it just looked so peaceful. Almost like if it is supposed to be all covered in snow all the time. This trip also reminded me just how large of a state New York is. Most of the train ride is done in the state of New York. Once I finally got to Montreal I was all rested and ready to watch movies all night but Nick fell asleep so I was forced to go to sleep. 

It seems that all I do when I go to Montreal is eat. We went out for brunch but ended up getting lunch from Eggspectations on Valentine’s Day. 

I don’t know why but I got the pasta that was packed on with cheese which I traded for Nick’s burger. There was just sooo much cheese and nothing else. Nick’s fries were really good and the dipping sauce was really good. The burger was meh. It didn’t really have much taste and honestly the burger I get from Smart Burger is a whole lot better. 

That night we went to the movies to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service.

This is such a GREAT movie! I thoroughly enjoyed all of this movie. It was funny, had the action, and all the gadgets of James Bond. It also had in some of my favourite actors which was great. I know a lot of couples went to watch 50 Shades for Valentine’s but I’m really happy we decided to watch this instead. I don’t even think I’m going to watch 50 Shades. Seeing as I couldn’t even finish the book I don’t think I should watch the movie. But anyways, Kingsman was an awesome movie. Nick and I sat there and we felt like we could watch it again, right away. It was that good. 

Continuing with my eating, we went to brunch at Crepanita on Sunday morning. Completely not planned but totally worth it.

I forgot to take a picture of the first crepe but basically they have a brunch special where you can get a breakfast crepe, a dessert crepe and a hot and cold drink for like $20 CAD. Great deal. Right so the first crepe was closed so you couldn’t see what was in it. I had eggs, ham and cheese. So yummy. My cold drink was their fresh grapefruit juice which I loved. I don’t even like grapefruits but I loved this. My second crepe was with bananas and blueberries. The chocolate sauce is what they call Chocowan which is their home made sauce, something like Nutella. It is so so rich and yummy. I couldn’t finish it so I gave it to Nick. My hot drink was their caramel hot chocolate. So yummy! and the whipped cream was good. Once we left there we were all so full. Oh we went with Janet and Andrew. I also tried their cold apple cider which was good, not for me but still good. For dinner, cause I seem to eat more in Montreal than anywhere else, we had Smart Burger. The walk there completely froze me. We had to take the Metro back which I felt really bad for but it was like -30 (Celsius) outside which an even colder windchill. I like the cold but not the frigid. We watched (finally) Big Hero 6 when we got home which Nick somehow managed to predict fully from the beginning of the movie. 

I predicted the ending but not as well as he predicted who the villain was. I already requested Nick to build me a Baymax since he’s being a genius nerd and everything. He says I just like that Baymax is chubby and walks funny which is true but I also want one. 🙂

Monday was as expected an allergy full day. With all the cheese and chocolate I was having it was bound to happen. Luckily I left some histal with Nick so I was ok once I slept a little. He went to work for a bit and then we did work when he got back. I was reading my paper to write a report before I fell asleep again. For dinner we had sushi!! I swear the only time I eat sushi is around Nick. I couldn’t even tell you what I like cause he chooses everything. 

The train ride back could have been horrible if I had somewhere to be but I didn’t so I was fine. We got back to Penn Station a whole FOUR HOURS LATE! 1 in the morning!! I really didn’t care since I didn’t have class on Wednesday morning but I did have a hair appointment at 1 so I still had to get some sleep. So I slept a bit, did some work, and watched some tv shows on my computer. Was going to do a blog post but I fell asleep. 

Anyways, that’s all the exciting stuff that’s been going on in my life. It’s pretty much just school right now. Midterms are coming up and I want to get a move on my term projects so that’s what I’m doing. It’s the final push so I just have to get through the semester with good grades. Oh and find a job. No biggie. 

Laterz! 🙂

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