Catch up time!

What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been. Today is the beginning of my 3rd week back at Pace and I have class later on tonight. It’s actually my first day for this class since I missed last week’s and then the week before was the “great blizzard of 2015” so I’m reading up on what they did last week and reading ahead for tonight’s class. The last week and a half has been extremely busy and it already feels like it’s crunch time to get a whole set of work done. Like if finals never happened and it’s still normal to spend all day and night in the library. 

I guess it makes sense to start with my first week (more like day) of classes. I say day cause I only had classes on the Thursday. I have two classes on Thursdays and both are with the same teacher which makes things a whole lot easier. I was nervous at first because it would be a long semester if I didn’t like his teaching style but everything is good so far. That weekend was the Superbowl and I had spent the weekend in the library reading ahead and making notes. You know, feeling good about being ahead of the class and stuff. To add to that I was working out a lot, doing my pilates in my room and eating a salad every day to be healthy. I felt good that I could keep it up and it would be a good semester. Then on Sunday night/Monday morning everything went downhill. I got food poisoning. From my Wendy’s salad! For someone who hadn’t thrown up in about 12 years, this was horrible. I spent the entire morning from about 1am to 9am throwing up. I had it really bad. So of course I stayed in bed on Monday and thankfully I don’t have class on Tuesdays. I don’t even remember what I did in bed for that long. I think I just drifted in and out of sleep while the tv was on. I ventured out to class on Wednesday and Thursday still not feeling 100% but I couldn’t miss any more classes. 

Friday was an important day. I got myself dressed early, loaded up my new padfolio from target with my resumes and went to the National Association for Securities Professionals (NASP) mentor and career symposium at the UBS building. I wasn’t going to go at first since I wasn’t feeling well but I am so glad I went. There was a panel of professionals who shared their stories of how they got into the industry and what paths they took to end up where they are. Then there were recruiters there from a couple companies and some really great people to give you advice and to network with. I left there feeling optimistic that I just might be able to find a job here after I graduate. 

The weekend was its usual library and groceries, and the Grammy’s!! I am so happy for Sam Smith on all his wins but I kinda feel sorry for Ed Sheeran cause he had a really great album and good songs too but Sam just won everything. I can’t believe I missed seeing the Kanye moment live because I was rubbing my eye…..damn you allergies. I don’t even know what I have allergies from now cause I’ve completely cut out cheese and any type of dairy. The highlights of the night for me were of course Rihanna’s performance with Kanye and Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox performing with Hozier was amazing, and Common and John Legend at the end. That song is just so powerful and I think everyone should listen to it and watch Selma. I need to watch it myself but everyone should go watch it. 

Anyways, this week I am trying to get back ahead of all my classes and not just keeping up with them. I think it can work. I also want to start back my pilates. I was feeling really good and energized when I was working out so I want to get back to that. 

It’s time for lunch and a study break! 🙂

Ttyl! 😀

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