Here’s to a New Semester

So tomorrow starts my last full semester at Pace. It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was running around from Target to the mall and I was moving into my dorm on Fulton Street for the first time. Today I’m at my uncle’s house watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier for probably the 7th time in 3 days. I’ve also been watching Divergent on loop this weekend. 

As this is my last semester, I’m looking for a job, either here in New York or in Montreal so that I could be with Nick. I haven’t heard anything back from any of my applications, probably because of my lack of experience but I’m still applying to anything that I see. The goal this semester is to get a job for after I graduate. It’s hard to believe that I’m already at the point in my life when I have to get a full time job. I’m so used to being a student and always having my parents take care of everything that it’s a bit daunting but also exciting. I really want to get a job in wealth management and personal investments but I’d take any job at an investment firm to learn the ropes and gain experience in the field. 

Tomorrow is my first class and I’ve been doing a little reading to prepare for it. I read 2 sets of slides and I got the text book. Risk management is supposed to be a really hard course so I want to go into it as prepared for it as I can. 

So that’s about it. I have a couple things to take care of tomorrow like buy a case of water, get food in my room, buy books to write in. I read an article that said that Staples is closing this year!! My beloved store which I can spend hours in just looking at stationery is gonna be gone :(. I also read that Barnes and Noble is closing as well so this year which is devastating. Where am I going to get my calendars and daily planners from now?

This is the article I read.

This is after Target announced that it is pulling out of Canada. Right when I might be coming to Canada my Target is leaving :(. Hopefully Walmart takes its place in the locations so that I can keep some of my sanity. 

Right, so I’m going to finish watching my movies and then head back to my dorm tonight. 


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