Movie Review | Valerian

Four months.

That’s how long it’s been since my last post. I’ve been wanting to post something but in those four months I’ve started countless posts that just never got finished. Book reviews that waited too long after I finished the book to properly remember everything, movie reviews that were no longer relevant and wedding planning progress that just seemed a bit too involved to share at the time. I had so many ideas but no time to make it look like how it did in my head. It’s honestly been quite a busy four months and the longer I spent away the more anxious I became about what my first post back should be. I’m finally at the point where I actually have a time sensitive post that I really like the idea for that actually forced me to push aside my silly idea of posting things in a particular order and just write, like I used to. So here it is.

Movie Review: Valerian

Nick and I were lucky enough along with two of our friends to get tickets to watch Valerian at the Fantasia Film Festival here in Montreal. The viewing was right after the LA premiere, before it’s official release, and we got to watch it with a lot of the people that actually worked on the special effects for the movie. Pretty cool stuff.


Valerian has been on my radar of movies to watch out for for a really long time. I remember Cara Delavigne posting about it for what feels like over a year and I just wanted to see a trailer for it and find our more. When I finally did get to see the trailer I couldn’t shake how much it reminded me of Halo with the suits they were wearing but with all the waiting it kind of fell off my ‘Must Watch’ list. All my excitement had already passed. When the opportunity came up to see it I wasn’t that excited but I made myself excited. I mean, it was on my to-watch list for a reason. Lucky for me we went with a friend who was able to give a bit of back story for us. These were comic books from years ago. A lot of people used to read them and actually gave inspiration for Star Wars apparently. As I’ve only recently watched Star Wars I had a better idea of what to expect.

Without giving away too many spoilers here’s my review. The movie is visually BEAUTIFUL!! Everything in it is so well done and thought out and it is a bit reminiscent of Avatar, but better. The male lead, Dane DeHaan, fell a bit short for me. The lines were all there but the delivery felt flat in some areas and next to Cara, she outshone him. There is a moment of internal struggle when he has to fight against his beliefs but it just seemed like it was too easy for him to do it. There was barely a fight. Cara’s character felt a bit more developed that Dane’s as well. ┬áRihanna’s character, Bubble was cool but I think her delivery in Battleship was ten times better that this one. Maybe has something to do with the type of character or the direction given. Some of her lines felt weird. I’m not sure if it’s because I was looking for the accent to peek through but something felt weird. I think at times I noticed Cara’s accent peek through on certain words too.

The plot was well thought out and played out well on screen. The big reveal was’t super obvious but it was easy to follow the clues that were given. The longer scenes are a bit like Star Wars but not as long. It’s just not something that’s common with more recent movies. I really like how all the characters had a purpose. There weren’t any screen fillers that were there just because. Everything linked back together to fill the plot. In that sense it sort of left a filling feeling. A weird way to explain it yes but you weren’t left wondering about a particular character and what happened to them at the end of the movie. The overall theme it dealt with is I guess what we’re striving for still today. Of course they’re going to be bumps along the way but it kind of showed that it’s possible, we just have to wait a couple hundred years.

Overall I liked it. Yes there were things here and there that I wasn’t too thrilled about but there never really is a perfect movie. The acting was good, the plot was good and it was visually great to look at, especially in 3D. I think I was able to appreciate it more once I got the backstory for it that it was a comic first and it’s relation to Star Wars. Once I understood that it was easier to get into it and take it for what it is rather than comparing it to other action films released.

After the viewing it was great to see everyone who had worked on it with that proud look on their faces. We got to take some posters and buttons on the way out for a little souvenir which is cool.


My only question is: Will there be a sequel??

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