It’s Been a Year!!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post and the only excuse I can think of is that wedding planning has taken over. Between trying to keep my Youtube videos consistent and planning the wedding I’ve been quite busy. What made me want to do this post today was actually the realization that today, March 23rd 2017, marks exactly one year since I came home from Montreal. With a milestone like this that was important in my life its easy to look back and see how much things have changed in a year.

May 2016
January 2017

It’s been a really fast year. I think I told someone recently that I’ve only been home for a couple months lol. I remember being really nervous about coming home only because of what it looked like to people who didn’t know me that well. Coming home always feels like a failure of sorts. It feels like everyone is thinking “why couldn’t she find a job once she graduated?” or “did she even finish? She was only gone for like two years.” I anticipated a lot of questions but they never really came. By the first week in April I had an interview for an internship and I was working by mid May. There was really no time for anyone to ask any questions and when the internship ended I was travelling so I wasn’t even here much.

First day of work! 🙂

Something that actually hasn’t changed but really means a lot is that I’ve been engaged for just over a year. With all of the wedding planning it’s kind of easy to forget such an important thing but we did it. Granted that for about 3 months of that time I was either in Canada or Nick was here so we haven’t really spent the whole year of being engaged being apart but its still a big deal. I’ve managed to plan the majority of the wedding with him being in Canada and we’ve kept our sanity.


Something else that’s different is that I’m preparing to move to Canada after the wedding. It’s weird that this time last year I was finally getting my head around being at home again and now I’m thinking about what I want to carry with me back to Canada. While I was studying I never spent more than about 8 months in one place. The first dorm I was in I spent 4 months there before moving to another one where I spent 8 months before moving to another dorm for the summer. This is the longest time I’ve spent in one place without thinking about what it would be like to pack up and move again. And now I’m back in that head space where I’m thinking about what I could do without for a couple months or what I just don’t need anymore.

What’s really exciting for me with what the next year is going to hold. There are a few givens that I know will be different. For one I’m going to be married. That’s even weird to write down. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it and then the fact that Nick and I will actually be living together permanently. Before there was always that thought in the back of head that I shouldn’t get too comfortable because one of us is going to have to leave soon but by this time next year it’ll be for good. Being excited for that cancels out any weirdness I still have about thinking of myself as married. 🙂

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