Full Attention to Full Albums! Music Review

To anyone who sees me in my daily life knows how often I listen to music. There’s always something playing while I’m getting ready or walking by myself anywhere outside. After listening to my Christmas music for about three months I was really excited to listen to some full length albums.

As much as I’m not a fan of how this all played out (I tried really hard not to like her new music), Camila Cabello’s album is not bad at all.

Camila Cabello Album Camila

There are a couple really good ones that are catchy and are written really well and then there are some I’m not really a fan of. I was especially glad that Crying in the Club was left off the album because to me that sounds like three different songs mashed up into one and I only like one of them. Of course Havana is a big hit. I love how she’s including her background and heritage without it being overbearing. My other favourite is Never Be the Same. The beat is catchy, the lyrics are simple enough to sing along to and connect to and the hook stays with you. Other good ones are Something’s Gotta Give and Real Friends even though I think it might be a jab at her former band mates which is just a bit petty. Regardless of all that, I like the direction she’s taking her music. I just wish she could have found a happy medium between doing solo work and staying in the group like what Adam Levine does and maybe even Patrick Stump.

The other full Album I’ve been loving is James Arthur’s.

James Arthur Back From the Edge

I loved him when he was on X Factor UK and I love how they (his team I’m guessing) worked to clean up his appearance a lot. His teeth are straight and he looks more like a grown up artist now which I LOVE! I love his style of songs and how all of them are so full of emotion. My favourites are of course Say You Won’t Let Go but I also like Can I Be Him, I Am, and Naked even though it’s not on this album. I do find that Naked sounds a heck of a lot like Skyscraper by Demi Lovato so it loses a few points in my book for that.

One album that I was really happy about was MANIA from Fall Out Boy.

Fall Out Boy Mania

I love how weird this band is but how everything about it works so well. I’ve loved this band from their beginning and with every album they release I just continue to love their music. MANIA is just an album of hits to me. I listened to it once through and basically fell in love with all of the songs but especially how well the songs flow from one to the other. My top favoruites (because naming all would be listing all the tracks on the album) are Champion, Hold Me Tight or Don’t, and The Last of the Real Ones but you can’t go wrong with this album. It sort of reminds me of their older work like Saturday.

Next on my list of playing on repeat is Man of The Woods by Jusin Timberlake but I have a feeling that I won’t absolutely love it like I did his other albums. It’s just a strange hunch I have but I’ll give it a listen since I already love Filthy and Supplies.

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