The Hurricane Series – Review

I’ve been on the hunt for new books by authors I haven’t read from before and I found a gold mine in The Hurricane Series by R.J. Prescott.

The Hurricane Series

I love how before the first book even starts we get a glimpse of what the guy sees of the main character, Emily, before we get to be inside her head and hear how she describes herself. I think it just shows how different we see ourselves compared to how everyone else sees us. My first impression of the book is that it feels like an American written book but it’s set in London so there were things in it that I didn’t feel fit that well. I’m not saying I’m an expert in British lingo and slang but some of the conversation just felt very American which is weird because the author is British.

Anyways, I love how the first book is written, revealing a bit of Emily’s past bit by bit. I prefer it that way because even in small doses it was hard to stomach. It showed her determination and desperation to survive in an impossible situation. I loved how intense her relationship is with Cormac as he waited with her for her to be comfortable with everything. The level of patience he had to allow her to deal with everything was so refreshing to read and experience but then you get to see the internal turmoil he had while trying to be strong for her.

The second book, The Aftermath is written from Cormac’s perspective which really showed how badly he was handling everything on the inside. It also shows how with every action he wants to take he thinks about Emily first and how she would react to his actions, not the situation. I know it may be a fairy tale way of looking at something but sometimes we need a bit of that to remind us to try to be better.

The second book was a bit harder to read as it gave a lot more insight into Emily’s past and just how much she’s running from. For the few days I was reading it I was in a very weird mood of complaining a lot and just being really quiet about everything. I shared the highs and lows with each character and I think that’s a testament to how good the writing and the story is.

Looking back, this book reminds me a lot of The Strongest Steel with the fact that both characters are running from something in their past. Both main characters found a way to leave their former selves behind and have created a life that is worth fighting for. And somehow they both found someone they could lean on and share their past with. I love how for both of them it’s not the strength of the guy that saves them or is the reason why they’re able to move on with their lives, all of it comes from them and being a strong enough woman to face what they’ve been running from. I’ve been on a roll finding books with strong female leads.

Another thing I loved about this series was how well developed the other characters are. I feel like it’s important since their friends are their family and in order to make that connection realistic it showed how each character had an impact on someone else in their family, how a bit of someone rubbed off of another.

Overall I really liked the series even though it left me in a weird mood while reading it.  It kept you in the story effortlessly and it had that double plot going for it that I really like in books.

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