Series Review: The Lorien Legacies

Yes, yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and written anything. Since my last post a lot was happening and unfortunately social media on a whole took a back seat. That didn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything behind the scenes though. After watching a movie that most seem to hate, I Am Number Four, it reminded me that I was waiting for the next book in the series to be published. And that was years ago. When I looked the series actually finished so it was a great opportunity to read the entire series again to refresh my memory for the two new books that I hadn’t read yet.

The Lorien Legacies

What I will say about this series on a whole is that it is beautifully created. It seamlessly meshes an alien race with the real world with it’s own history and hints of an amazing future. While reading, it felt like everything was thought of. There was no action or object forgotten or simply added later on just to push the plot forward. By the penultimate book everything that was mentioned or touched on was used or planned for. There are few books or even movies like that.

Unlike others that have read the book, the movie doesn’t bother me. Yes things were changed for the sake of movie magic and I totally understand that others feel like if the movie had just stuck to the plot of the book then maybe it would have been received better. I agree. There’s nothing better to guide a movie than a bestselling book with a built in fan base. However, for a stand alone movie it captured the major points and themes. Yes, it could have done better but I still like it for what it is. I also believe the casting was well done which kind of helped as I was reading the other books.

Back to the books.

I loved how the action was written. It pulled you into the scene and held you there while everything seemed to happen right in front of your eyes. The plot doesn’t rush anything just to get to the end that it thinks readers want. It took its time to flesh out everything so that when the end came, not only was it satisfying yet surprising, but it made sense. There weren’t any questions about why things happened a certain way or why a particular character didn’t do something. Everyone played their part and stayed true to their characteristics that were shown throughout the series.

One thing that took me a while to get over was not only did it not have the happy ending that most books have, there were a lot of deaths of characters that would have helped make that happy ending possible. There was one death in particular that kind of proved that a happy ending was not possible. I mean, they were at war so of course people had to die but I felt myself grieving along with everyone else. It also shows the different ways people deal with what comes after war. It deals with the guilt felt and the consequences of decisions made for the sake of winning.

Overall I’m glad I read over the series. I think it’s a book that could possibly be likened to a Harry Potter series. It has the same feel in that there is one single enemy throughout the series and the writing and language grows along with the characters like in HP. I mean it could be a good transition back into reading for those who just need a good story to get into but for those who just want a well written series with a well thought out plot, this is the series for you.

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