I Can’t Even!

So I’ve been catching up on my TV shows and my usual Youtube videos and this past week has been crazy but first I’ll start on the new music I’ve been listening to.

I got Hozier’s album a couple months ago but I totally forgot that I had it so I did the whole listen to nothing but the album for about 2 weeks and let me tell you I LOVE this album. 

It has an indie feel to it but his voice just pierces through the music. I already liked Take Me To Church and Like Real People Do but now I’m in love with In a Week and Foreigner’s God and so many other songs. I could just list all of them now and they’d still be good recommendations. The songs are sort of similar to each other but then so distinct that it allows for easy listening from one song to the other. There’s hardly any realization that one song has finished and the other one started which I love in an album. It makes it more of an album and less of just a collection of songs that happened to be recorded at the same period of time. I guess it makes the album have more of a theme which is easy to relate to. Whenever I listen to an album like this I keep going back to Songs About Jane by Maroon 5. That was in my opinion one of the best albums in terms of the theme of the album. Ed Sheeran is really good at that as well.

Right now I’m getting into Ludaversal by Ludacris. So far it’s good but I’ve only listened to it like once through so I don’t really have a feel for it yet.

There’s definitely a feel of the old Ludacris in there which I have been waiting for along with a lot of other people. There are a lot of features on this album and a skit which reminded me of the skit Kanye had on his album a couple years back. When I get to listen to it a little more I’ll have more of an opinion on it. 

Ok, onto tv. First I have to mention The Voice. I haven’t been able to watch the show live but I always watch the videos of the performances on Youtube to keep up with everything. Someone who was sort of under the radar for me was Kimberly Nichole on Christina’s team. I didn’t see her audition or her battle round but I did watch her playoff performance and it was good. Her top 12 performance was spectacular!! I’ve been watching it almost every day this week.


She sang House of the Rising Sun which I am only now realizing might not be that popular of a song but whatever. That has got to be my favourite performance on The Voice ever! There are so few that can even come close. Another favourite of mine is Meghan Linsey on Blake’s team. Her voice is so clear and precise that put with her country style is just so beautiful to listen to. The strength of her voice sort of reminds me of Carrie Underwood. I feel like she can sing anything and it would sound good.


She sang Girl Crush by Little Big Town which has had its only bit of publicity and controversy but I still like the song. I really don’t know who’s going to win this year. To me Christina and Blake have really strong teams but then it only takes one person to win so it could be anyone. 

Arrow is being crazy right now. They’ve faked Roy’s death and written him out and now they’ve “killed” Thea. The previews show them taking her to that fountain of youth pool or whatever you want to call it but I really have no idea where this is all going or why. There has to be some condition for them to be able to take Thea there and it can’t be good. 

The real reason I wanted to do this post was because of Scandal. (I know I’m skipping a lot of other tv shows but Scandal still has be rattled.) I’ve been live tweeting for the entire season hoping and praying that Scott Foley would retweet me simply notice one of my tweets and now Shonda has killed him off and he will never be able to cause his character is dead. I mean WHY??? And why did he have to be killed by the new hott guy??? I was just beginning to like him and think he could be good for Olivia/Alex but she’s gone and made him evil. But boy is he a good liar. Losing Jake is such a shock to the story line and I completely did not expect it, I’m still a little in shock. Claire only just watched it so I got to relive it all over again with her reaction. *Sigh* I don’t know what to do with myself now without Jake. Olivia is going to be broken once she finds out and especially when she finds out who did it. 

Anyways, the library is about to close so it’s time for me to go home and do even more work, yay me. Hopefully this week’s shows take pity on me and don’t give me a anxiety like Scandal did. 


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