Bangin on My Eardrums!!

I haven’t done a post since about my 2nd week of work simply because I’ve been really busy. I’ve planned a lot of posts and started a couple but after a couple days I lose the train of thought I was on to finish it so hopefully those trains come back to the station so that I can share them with you guys. Since I’ve been so busy with work I’ve had time to really listen to some new music and get back to finding some not so mainstream songs as well as some popular ones.

The first album I really wanted to listen to was Meghan Trainor’s new album Thank You.

Meghan Trainor Thank You.png

From listening to her first two singles No and Me Too I was really wanting to hear the other songs on the album and it did not disappoint!! Along with the first two songs I really like Watch Me Do, Dance Like Yo Daddy, and Champagne Problems. It was one of those albums where the songs flow nicely but there are always those few that stand out to you. Friends and Deserve are also really good ones but I think after over playing Me Too and No my favourite is What Me Do :).

Next on my list was Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman

Even though I may say I don’t like her sometimes, I will probably always listen to her music. Sometimes I just feel like the selfies are too much lol. After hearing Dangerous Woman I was really curious for the direction of her album and what the sound was going to be like since Dangerous Woman has sort of a old feel to it like if it’s from the Marilyn Monroe time. That sort of pin up sound if that makes sense and whenever she performed it live it fit that time period. I really like that her album is so diverse and she collaborates with people like Lil Wayne, Future and again with Nicki Minaj. Standouts for me were Into You, which I liked from the first time she performed it live, Be Alright, Greedy, and Side to Side. There may be others that I like but those are the ones that stand out for me.

One I was really interested to listen to was 7/27 by Fifth Harmony.

Fifth Harmony 7-27

I always like to see the direction an artist or group takes their albums as they gain experience and more of their personalty gets included in each song and they become more involved with the process as they learn. From hearing Work From Home I sort of knew which direction this album was going in but then was completely surprised (good surprise) to hear a song like Write on Me which was so different. I could tell that this album was a lot more mature than their last one (other than the numerous songs with cursing) but it still pushed that independence and girl power theme they’ve always done. The standouts for me are That’s My Girl, which I think would be great for the soundtrack of a movie and could be a serious motivation to just get stuff done, Not Thank Kind of Girl which features Missy Elliott, All In My Head (Flex), Dope, and Scared of Happy. I feel like with this album you can get a feel for each girl’s personality in the songs. I was sort of expecting to hear something like I Know What You Did Last Summer since that was something Camilla wrote but I guess it shows how different she writes for herself and how she would write for the group because it is a completely different sound from the album.

Like most music lovers who follow their own unknown stars on Youtube I was an avid follower and Frand of Christina Grimmie and was so shocked and shaken from the news about her death.

Christina Grimmie

I still had tabs open on my computer of her videos that I just couldn’t get enough of. It was an odd feeling to open my Instagram or Snapchat and tell myself that this post of hers is the last. That its the last update I’ll ever get about what she’s up to because she’s gone. I’m already not good with losing people who are in my everyday life so trying to grasp that someone that I watched over the internet for the past 4 years is gone was a bit hard to grasp. All in all it gave me an opportunity to revisit some of the songs she had that I really liked. By far my favourite is With Love. The melody of it is simple but still so captivating and then added with her lyrics and voice makes it easy to listen to on repeat for days straight. Another great one is Think of You and then of course the single she released after her season of The Voice, Must Be Love. At first I questioned it a little but after watching her perform it live I was hooked. One of her older ones Shrug is also a good one to listen and it reminds me a little of the style of Karmin.

Some other worthy mentions are Lost Boy by Ruth B. I was searching for this song for weeks before I found out the name, I kept calling it Neverland. The pairing of Tinie Tempah and Zara Larsson for Girls Like is an amazing match. I follow Marcus Butler on Snapchat and he kept singing it, specifically the J.K. Rowling line and I had no idea what song it was from so now that I do that’s basically the only line I know lol. Some newer ones for me are Clean Bandit featuring Louisa Johnson (who won X Factor UK) Tears, Never Be Like You by Flume and last but not least, Child’s Play by Drake. I think I’ve reached the point where I’ve listened to Child’s Play too much now and I don’t want to hate it so I need to stop playing it so often…..but I probably won’t.

And that’s it!! I’m really wanting to get back to finding those less mainstream songs by singer/songwriters like Cassidy Ford that have really interesting lyrics and less production. More simple songs. So far the only one like that is Lost Boy so hopefully I can now find some more and if you have any suggestions please please let me know. 🙂

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