Wait For You Book Review

So now that my internship has ended, one would think that I now spend my days reading and working on new videos and blog posts, yes and no. I spend my days working on videos and blog posts and my nights……are apparently for reading a book in 6 hours because that’s what I did about 3 nights ago. I literally went to sleep when the birds were chirping and the sun was coming up. That’s what happens when you decide to start a book from one of your favourite authors at 10:30pm. Nice going Carla.¬†Regardless of that faux pas I managed to finish it because seriously once I hit the 3am mark I was determined to finish it.

So the book is called Wait for You by Jennifer Armentrout.

Wait for You

This is one of those books I found when I decided that I wanted to read as many books from the authors that I already loved instead of searching for new books by new authors. If you remember I mentioned that she also wrote the Lux series as well at the Covenant series which I loved. The writing was up to her usual super high standard which I guess was the reason I wasn’t able to put it down. The way she is able to describe the setting of everything without it seeming like she is explicitly describing things is an amazing talent I have yet to master but I’m trying.

The complexity of these characters is especially interesting in that they try so hard to hide their secrets from each other without knowing that maybe the reason they’re attracted to each other is because they see a similar imperfection in each other that is also within themselves. The differences in how they handled their imperfection or mistake is also telling of how it has affected them. Do they accept it as part of their past or is it still haunting their present and future?

I loved how she hinted at a particular event continuously without fully explaining it all at once so that you can continue to learn about the character as the story goes on. It left you wanting to read more so that you can finally find out what happened and what will happen with other characters find out. The different way¬†the characters reacted to the same situation or event proved to be telling of a character’s past without having to explain it all.

By the time I got to the end of the book I had this strange feeling that I’d read the book before. At first I couldn’t place it but it reminded me a little of Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.


It wasn’t so similar that I felt cheated out of a story but similar enough to make you think about the books that you’ve read. I guess the writing styles are similar in that they’re able to draw you in but the whole story is different so they are still both very good reads.

I am all ready to start a new book now. I think I’ll read the next book to Wait for You but I also have some other ones to start so there will probably be a few book reviews coming your way.

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