The Time Has Come!!

Its time!! You’ve watched the trials, read all the articles and finally its time to watch the OLYMPIC GAMES!!!

I know I didn’t finish out my series how I wanted to but getting through what I did was a lot of fun and veeerrryy informative. So now that you’ve done all your research and know what you want to watch you need to plan out your schedule.

First thing to do is to print out the entire Olympic schedule. This way you can pick out what you want to watch and see if it clashes with anything else you may want to watch. Most people would just pick one but if you’re like me and must watch everything possible then setting up 2 screens may be the way to go. If you’re lucky and you’re in the US its possible through NBC Olympics which you can stream from your computer as well as through their app. For those outside the US like me… may need to get a little creative. I’m still in the process of setting up my viewing through FLOW but for now I’m keeping up with the pre-ceremony matches on tv pretty easily.

Once you’ve planned out your schedule and know how and when you’re watching, everything should be easy and you’ll be able to enjoy the Games. And since you’ve done all that research and watched the trials, you know exactly who to look out for.

Happy watching!! 🙂

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