Things to Put on Your Packing List!!

So it’s about that time of the year when all of the new college freshman are preparing to move into a new chapter of their lives and for some, into a new room in the dorms. Everyone knows the standard things to buy like sheets, pillows, and storage bins but there are also a couple things that you may not think of. After my family left I still found myself realizing there were a couple things I wish I had bought earlier and some that I just couldn’t be bothered to buy. I also ended up moving from a suite style room to a single room so once I moved, there were a lot of things I needed to get to fill up my new room.

Camera 360


For someone who went from the tropics of Barbados straight into the winter of New York since I started in the spring term, having a humidifier was something I wish I thought of. By the time I thought of it winter was almost done and I had dealt with nose bleeds for a couple weeks. The initial fear of a nose bleed might be enough to scare you to buy one or you can find other ways to deal with them like I did. Nose bleeds are common during winter because of all of the dry air which damage the small tiny membranes in your nose. What a humidifier does is put moisture back in the air so it gives your nose a break from all the dry air. Running it at night for a couple hours before you go to sleep, with the door shut if possible so that all the moisture doesn’t escape, allows you to breathe in some better air. I never got one but there were times when I wish I did.


You can find one like this one at Target for about $50 or a bit cheaper or you can just order it off of Amazon if you prefer.

When I knew I was moving to New York I knew that living in a major city would present some problems. For one space would be an issue. While transportation would be relatively easy with a lot of choices, lugging around groceries around the city would not be easy. Enter my trolley. 🙂 I got the idea from my sister from when she was in England but I couldn’t just bring hers with me since it would be a tad bit hard to pack so I knew I had to buy my own at some point. Living in downtown Manhattan gives you some great choices of places to shop. You can try to find what you want in Manhattan or you can pop down to Brooklyn. Luckily while I was roaming around Century 21 I found what I was looking for.


It’s large enough to hold a week’s worth groceries and can fit a case of 28 bottles of water, just not at the same time. Getting the case in it may be a bit difficult but there is usually some nice person who probably pities you that may help you. If not just take your time. It’ll fit.

Space bags are a real life saver in a dorm room that may be smaller than normal. Some people are lucky enough to go to a college that has enough closet space to hold all of your clothes while others are only large enough to hold one season at a time. For those smaller spaces you will need somewhere to keep your winter clothes during the summer and your summer clothes during the winter.

Vacuum Bags

Space bags are great because they don’t take up a lot of space and once you wash your clothes well before you pack them away, they shouldn’t have a funky smell when you unpack them. I had two types of storage bags. The first type was the space bags that don’t have a nozzle for a vacuum and you just roll it go get the air out. These are great but a little more work than a vacuum bag to get all the air out. I also had the vacuum bag which then also requires you to buy a vacuum. These bags were really the only time I used my vacuum. Vacuum bags also come in handy if you have to put your things in storage because you can fit pillows and comforters in them easily. You can get a great set from Amazon for about $35 or you can try Target or whatever store is close to you.

These are the main things I had to buy after my main big shop for my dorm. Some of them you may not need and I’m sure there are others that you may decide you need. Just remember that when you’re buying your things you’re creating a home away from home and to keep maybe half of your sanity you need to be comfortable.


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