More Than Enough by Jay McLean – Review

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a post but I have a good excuse. For one I’ve been on vacation in Canada visiting Nick and then in Jersey visiting family and doing some wedding stuff so I’ve been really busy with life basically. Now that vacation is finished I can get back to work and get some content out there. If you want to keep up with what I’ve been posting on my Youtube channel you can check it out here. Other that that I’ve been busy with other stuff like reading!! I finally got the latest book from the More Than series by Jay McLean, More Than Enough, which I started reading almost an entire year ago so it took me a while to remember everything that happened in the previous books.

So first of all this new book follows a character from the previous books that hardly had any dialogue so it was like getting to know them for the first time which was such an insight in his thoughts and feelings that we never got from the previous books. We were shown some of his characteristics but never shown the why behind everything. There was hardly any information about him in the previous books.

This book felt a lot longer than the others because it was just jam packed with so many things. It didn’t follow the usual “guy meets girl, falls for her, gets in a fight, makes up and then lives happily ever after” script that some young adult romance books follow. I don’t even know if I would call this a young adult book, probably not but its not a full blown romance novel like a Nora Roberts. This book dealt with so many problems that people face but are sometimes not willing to talk about like death/suicide and the guilt that comes along with that. It shows how you can help a person get through something by simply being near them and how once you’ve gone through your own difficult time, you can help someone else get through theirs. For me this was one of the darker books of the series. It showed the darker side of all of the characters and how an event can bring that darker side out in someone even though they may try to keep it in.

Basically this book can cause you to do a lot of self reflection. It’s a great read even though its full of so many deep topics and as usual, it leaves you wanting to know more about this group of friends. As usual when it comes to this series I finished it in about 2 days. It would’ve been less but I was reading it on the plane to Canada so I was interrupted by things like landing and taking off.

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