Wait for You Series by Jennifer Armentrout – Review

So I’ve recently become picky about the types of books I read. I am so over reading about a girl starting high school simply because its not something I can relate to anymore. I’m approaching 10 years past that age now….anyways. I really got lucky with the More Than series and was looking for something to match that intensity when I came across the Wait For You series by Jennifer Armentrout. I think she wrote these under the name J. Lynn but its her, same writer as the Lux and Covenant series and you already know how I feel about those series. At the moment I’m having a little difficulty differentiating between all the books because I literally read these 4 books in 5 days, months ago. I think this was my worst/best binge of reading yet and I’m so proud of myself for actually stopping. Life was starting to fall apart around me while I was reading so I really had to tell myself to stop for a little while.

I’ve already told you what I thought about the first book Wait for You, but saying twice can’t hurt.


Wait for You

This book is entirely captivating as it keeps you hooked by slowly telling us information about her secret she tries so hard to keep as the story develops. What is great about this first book is that once we find out what the secret from her past is, it shows how people can approach the same situation so differently. It also showed the contrasting types of families and how they deal with things as they come up. Once they actually start dealing with whatever she’s running from, it brings out the hidden parts of themselves that they’ve been suppressing for the sake of blending in.

Book 1.5 is basically book one from the guy’s perspective.


I’ve really fallen in love with reading the same book from a different point of view since Stephanie Meyer did it for Twilight with Midnight Sun (still kind of bummed she didn’t do all of them from Edward’s side) so this was a treat. It’s short but it gives you just enough insight to like him even more.

Book 2 takes a bit of a turn by following boy from book 1’s little sister. I’m trying to avoid names but its getting kind of difficult.


So this one follows his little sister and her experience starting college and deals with kind of a lot. First there will always be drama when a sibling joins another at college and it seems more inevitable with said little sister and guy’s best friend don’t understand what “off limits” means. Apart from that, this is the part in the series that starts to get a little deep and talk about heavy topics. It’s a great read  like the others but it can also make you so so grateful for your boring life.

By the time I got to book 3, Stay With Me, I started to realise something. This series is just like the More Than series in that it follows around a group of friends as each person in the group goes through something.


What’s different about this series is the about of information we’re given about each character in a  book that isn’t centered around them. With the More Than series there is more overlap with events between the books which allows for more insight about a character even though that book isn’t focusing on them. The Wait for You Series introduces a character but doesn’t really delve into that character at all before getting to their focus book. This makes it a bit harder to read and requires more effort to get into a book because you’re going into a book about a character you know nothing about.

At the end of the 1st Wait for You book I had the feeling that I may have read these books before but book 2 squashed that feeling and by the time I got to book three I knew I hadn’t read these before. Book 3 is I think my favourite for reasons I still haven’t figured out yet. Maybe its because its the last one I read or maybe the guy in this one catches my attention more, I really don’t know but I found myself wanting to read over parts of this one.

I haven’t read any others in this series simply because I didn’t want to lose the memory of book 3. Lame I know but I really liked how thought out that book was. Even though it introduced a whole new set of characters, the writing was done so well that you didn’t really notice it.

Right now I’m on the hunt for another series to read so if anyone has any suggestions I will gladly take them and tell you guys what I think about them 🙂

Happy reading!!

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