Life Update!!

It’s been a while since I caught you up with what’s been going on in my life. For one I finally feel like I’m past the student phase of my life. I had applied to do my PhD at McGill but the fact that I was sort of un-bothered when I didn’t get in sorta told me my heart wasn’t in it. Don’t get me wrong, the questions and proposals of research I had are still there but I don’t think I could stick with those questions or come up with good new ones to last 5 years. And then I can look to get them answered in some other way.

As that phase closes, its expected that another will open which is my adulting phase. Two things have recently happened that prove that I’m in this phase now. For one Nick and I got engaged!! ๐Ÿ˜€


I did a video to introduce my new wedding series for you to check out so I’m planning on going through the whole venue picking and the dress shopping and decorations choosing in my videos. It’s still sometimes hard to believe that we’re actually doing it since we’ve talked about it for over 2 years now but its happening!

The second thing is that I started my job last week. This is my first job that I interviewed for and got it. When I was younger there was an internship attached to the program I was doing at school so I didn’t really interview for it but this one is MY job. Claire’s friend got me the interview but I still feel like I earned it. It’s my first job actually in the field that I did my Master’s in which is great. It was a little rough getting back into finance mode and out of Youtube and blogging mode which I’ve been in for the past 10 months but I think I’ve gotten the hang of it.ย The biggest changes I’ve made are basically eating meals at reasonable times again and going to sleep early. It’s almost 10 and I basically should be sleeping….

Basically that’s about it. When I first came home my goal was to set up a recording space with a presentable background, which I think I did, and to ace my interview which I feel like I did since I got the job. When I found out I go the job Nick changed his plans and came home a month earlier so that he could help with some wedding stuff and so that he could see me when I’m not working. Doesn’t really make sense for him to come visit when I’m at work all day so we did some venue scouting and of course the beach. The second beach outing wasn’t so pleasant as he stepped on a sea urchin but the water was SO CLEAR that day it was beautiful.


I’m going to be busy for the next couple weeks so I’m going to try to get my next Get Ready for Rio series piece done early but I’m finding that from writing these pieces I’m learning so much about the athletes and their lives like how Murray and Djokovic are born about a week apart and grew up going to the same tennis camp. It’s actually really interesting and shows how much work goes into being a top athlete in a sport. I haven’t been reading too many books recently basically because for the past month I’ve somehow been so busy. Between wedding planning, thinking of new videos to film and edit and this Get Ready for Rio series its been a lot but I can’t complain. Life is good right now *knocks on wood* and it finally feels like some of the hard work is paying off.

So that’s my good story to you guys to help lift your mood and hopefully you pass it on to someone else!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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