Your Quarantine Soundtrack!

Right about now everyone is living a similar life. Homebodies are thriving and parts of your house are being cleaned that you’ve been putting off for weeks. A lot of these quarantine activities are fun and active and then others are quieter but require some music to help you along. After about a week you’ve been on the search for some new music to put a pep in your step on your walk from bed to the fridge and I’ve got a couple songs that can do just that!

Around the time of One Direction there was another boy band making a name for themselves coming out of the UK. No, not The Wanted, a different one. I’m talking about Rixton!


Their first and only album as Rixton (I’ll get to that in a minute), Let The Road is one of those albums where you can just let it play and you’ll like the next song more than the first.

Rixton Let The Road

From Wait on Me, Hotel Ceiling to Me and My Broken Heart this album is an easy listen. To add to that, they can perform really well live too!

For four years there was nothing to be heard from these lads. In a way I even forgot about them sadly but it’s hard to forget a sound like theirs. So there I was one night, watching over some of my favourite performances of theirs and I go to see what they’re up to now. Did they retire? Did they split up? What happened?? Lucky for me and the rest of world it was just a break and they’re back! Under a new name and a slightly different sound they’re back as Push Baby.

Push Baby

Yes their name is a bit questionable but so are some other ones out there in the music world. They have a couple really cool new songs that can easily become the soundtrack for fixing a puzzle, cleaning your apartment or whipping up a home cooked meal. My favourites are thor, mama’s house and You don’t like the colour orange.

Their sound is a bit different but it’s nice to see that they’ve evolved and grown in all the time off. There’s a real distinction between Rixton and Push Baby and I think that’s what they wanted. So far there isn’t a full album, just an EP but I’m curios to see what other material they’ll come out with. 🙂

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