Quarantine Reading List!

It’s quite evident that I’m passionate about the books I read. From reading sci-fi books about situations that couldn’t possibly happen, to fantasy books that I wish could be real, and romance books that just give me a break from thinking too hard, I love all types of stories. To be lost in a world through the eyes of someone that I can connect with is such a reprieve from the real world. Books can teach you things about yourself, especially when a protagonist reacts to something the opposite of how you would, and can help you process situations by finding parallels in the real world. Then there’s the added perks of learning new words and stuff. That’s cool too.

Now that everyone is spending a lot more time at home they’re looking for things to do. What movies to watch? What shows to watch? What books to read? Well here comes in my super power of reading so much! 🙂 I can tell you what books to try out if you want to get a break from all the Ms. Rona talk. I’m mostly going to recommend series since to me those are the most satisfying.

For the guys out there that feel a bit left out, I honestly think The Lorien Legacies is one that you’ll like.


Forget about the movie that was made, I Am Number Four is a better story than the movie makes it out to be. I think this series fits a lot of the criteria that guys look for in books. The majority of the series is written from a male perspective, there is plenty of action and it has in aliens. I’ve raved about these books for a while and I find that the only thing that stops someone from wanting to read these books is the movie. Forget the movie! Don’t give it another thought! Give the series an honest go of it and tell me what you think of it. Dive into the world of a guy who didn’t want any responsibility but everyone looks up to him regardless of that. He learns all the secrets of his people’s history and tries his best to figure out what is best for them now. All while fighting a secret war that then becomes not so secret.

I can’t do a book recommendation post without mentioning the Significance series by Shelly Crane.


This series has become by refuge if I’m feeling anxious, depressed or I’m craving a book to read in between other books. It’s a book that I find super easy to get lost in and even though the protagonist is a teenager, it’s easy to forget that since school life is hardly ever mentioned. The themes in the series are incredibly relevant in today’s world and its the perfect world to get lost in. To experience how a new world is introduced to this character piece by piece is just one great thing about this book. To feel how the characters mature as the world is thrown at them is another. Yes it’s a great coming of age book but adults are as much of the store as the young adults and play a vital role in the storyThe series is well written and the world you’re pulled into is well thought out.

If you’re looking for an apocalyptic type book to feed into all the fears right now, The Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard is great for that.


This book has a Hunger Games of Divergent feel to it but is so much more. This series shows how perceptions can change as more information becomes available and how the smallest thing can change the tide of a war. Again it’s a great coming of age story that allows you to see a character grow and blossom when faced with hardships. It reaffirms the good in humanity to make the sacrifice for the greater good and shows the resilience of the human spirit. The series tests relationships and forces you to make the hard decisions. The entire series is well written and can pull emotion from you that you didn’t think was possible from a book.

Lastly, for those of you who want a simple romance novel to get lost in for a couple hours a day, I can’t recommend More Than This more.


From the way the book is written to everything that happens I wouldn’t be surprised if you can finish this book in one sitting. At times you forget everything that happens as the characters go through living their life but then something reminds them and brings them back to reality. That’s just how life is. This book really shows the ups and downs of simply living. It’s beautifully written and the series on a whole is well thought out. The characters are complex and the situations they deal with are a bit beyond their years, forcing them to grow up a bit faster.

If there are any books that you think I’ll like let me know! I’m always good for trying new books 🙂



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