Adele 25 Review

So just like everyone else I’ve jumped on this Adele bandwagon. I don’t even want to call it that, its more of a movement and a following from the success of her other two albums. There were a lot of expectations with this album simply from the single Hello. I prepared myself for it not to be as moving as her previous album 21 since she’s not going through a breakup again but I still knew the songs were going to be great.


I’ve been listening to this on loop for about a couple days now and so far my favourite song is Remedy. When the beginning notes of this song played I kind of felt myself melting into it. The piano beginning sort of reminded me of Nathan Sykes Over and Over Again (still haven’t gotten it yet) and I’ve learned that I like those types of songs a lot that have a strong piano base or a guitar base. Another one that I like that has strong piano base is All I Ask. I kind of thought it was a continuation of Remedy until I looked at what I was listening to.  Of course Hello is another stand out but so is Million Years Ago, Why Do You love Me, and When We Were Young.

Overall this album is a success in my opinion. It’s one of those albums where you can listen to song after song and not get tired of hearing it. I still think there are very few albums like that where every song is pleasant to listen to without you thinking that you want to skip a song or two. I also like how there’s a great mixture of up tempo songs and then the ballads which she does so well. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a song titled Lay Me Down and I immediately thought she did a cover/duet with Sam Smith but she didn’t. Just a different song with the same name. If she ever did a duet with him I think my ears would melt in happiness. There would be no more need for them since it would be the best thing to ever be heard so here’s to hoping.

I’ve put listening to my Christmas music on hold for this album so I really don’t know when I’ll get back to my Christmas playlist. Maybe she should do a Christmas album the next time around 🙂

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