Black Friday Advice

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. I just made an order at Victoria’s Secret and I feel so much heavier with this order. Yes it’s Black Friday but I’ve made this same order before and it was cheaper!! A part of me was saying not to make the order and to just forget it but I actually need this stuff so today was as good of a time as any to do it. (for now my reasoning is inflation) Once I made the order I really had to think about what this day was really about. I had made plans with Nick to go down to St. Catherine to check out some sales (the shopaholic in me is rearing and ready to go) but after making this order and looking around the room I see that I really don’t need anything. I don’t need jeans, I just bought some on sale from Express a couple months ago. I don’t need sweaters, I got some on sale from Forever 21 a couple months ago. I don’t need t-shirts to wear under the sweaters, I just need to do laundry.

I’m probably not the only one who gets caught up in the hullabaloo of it all. You really have to think about what you’re going to gain from going to these sales and think about it. Are you going to use it and get great use out of it for more than 6 months after the novelty wears off? Is it worth going in debt for? Will there be a better sale later that you can save up for instead of charging your credit card? This can also be a great time for those who don’t shop here and there like I do and can be an awesome time to get everything you’ve been putting off getting. I guess with the fact that I don’t have a steady income (or any at all) I’m starting to think a little more about where my money goes. I wish I started to think like this more consistently months ago. There have been so many purchases I’ve made where I regretted it afterwards because I got caught up in seeing a sale here and sale there.

I would love to be out there with everyone else rummaging through the racks and baskets looking for deals but I really think once I got home I would feel worse than how I would feel for not going since it is very likely you can’t return a lot of the stuff you get from Black Friday sales.

It’s weird and rare that I feel so content with how everything is with my life (possessions wise, I still want a steady income) but it feels good. I wish I could explain it better but its sorta like a cozy feeling just with yourself. To see for yourself, sit in a room that you like and enjoy spending time in, like your bedroom, and pick out things that you see that you’re happy to have. For me I see my scarves that I really like, my tablet, which was a gift form my sister and boyfriend, and the fact that I’m visiting Montreal. I’m extremely grateful for all that I have and I’m not so sure if adding more things would increase my feeling of content.

With that I’ll just say, think about what you’re buying today. If you’re shopping online check out RetailMeNot for some discount codes before you place your order and if you’re shopping in store just plan out what you want to get before you go into the store. Don’t get distracted by shiny things being waved in your face. Stay strong!! Since I’m not going to sales, share with me some of the great deals you got so I can live through you lol 🙂

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