It’s Already June!

I can't believe it's already June which sadly means that my time in Montreal is coming to an end in a couple weeks. Things have normalized somewhat and I'm getting back in the swing of studying and not spending all day watching Netflix. My online course is going really well and its about time for... Continue Reading →

Montreal Update!

I can't believe I've been in Montreal for almost 2 weeks already! Like seriously it only feels like a couple days except that I've already washed my hair twice so that adds a little perspective. So what have I been doing?? Of course I've been eating 🙂 and lots of sleeping since it is summer... Continue Reading →

I’m in Canadaaaaaa!!! :)

Hi there. It's been a while but there really isn't much to report. Well, I'm in Canada, for about a week now. Nothing reeeeaaaaalllyy has been happening. Well no, we bought a bed from Ikea and putting it together was a task.*I helped by reading the instructions (:*  So yea, we bought a bed aaaaaaaand... Continue Reading →

It’s Summer

It's SUMMER!!! So exams are over and I am all moved out of my dorm and I'm now in Brooklyn 🙂 It's so relieving that exams are over and I have about 10 days until I have to think about school again. So other than exams I got my hair done again and it came... Continue Reading →

Everything is Winding down

As the semester is winding down, I seem to have "post midterm fatigue" where I really don't feel like doing any more work for a couple weeks. Unfortunately this is when professors are piling on the work to prepare for finals :(. All I want to do is watch Netflix and stay in bed. At... Continue Reading →

Prepare for a rant…….

So once again I have been extremely busy with school and I haven't gotten a chance to do much other than school work. I can't believe the semester is almost finished already!! It's about that time when I have to start packing up to move out.This whole moving thing is the main reason why I'm... Continue Reading →

It’s Been a While!

It has been a while but with good reason. I have been so busy with midterms and homework that I've been in full on student mode. It's hard work being a Grad student! Before Spring Break last week came midterm week which seemed like hell. I always get this feeling like while studying for midterms... Continue Reading →

My Take on the Winter Olympics

So I was looking back at all the posts I've done for this blog ad I've realized something, there is absolutely nothing in here about the Winter Olympics. As someone who loves sports and loves the Olympics it was hard for me not to say anything about it and it was sort of a conscious... Continue Reading →

Finally a bit of normalcy

It's the weekend!!! It's been a short but busy week full of ups and downs as usual. I finally got hot plate so I can cook for myself now (not that I still don't want my aunt's Sunday food). I had to throw out all my old food that I had bought before I changed rooms... Continue Reading →

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