Yes, I Took a 3 Hour Train ride….Twice

I had planned to do this post on Friday but then with Dance Day on Saturday I wanted to wait until then to do it but I was busy all weekend so here we are. This week was pretty quiet until Friday, Saturday and Sunday which was fine with me. I basically did some reading to apply for jobs and watched movies. I think I’ll do a movie post later since I’ve been watching a lot of them recently. 

So on Friday I went to Walmart since I was going to be busy all weekend and I bought myself Halo 4!! Yea I know its not the typical thing to freak out over but now I can play with Claire online. And it was only about $5 so why not. I kinda need to have some sort of proper routine now so that I don’t spend all day playing halo. 

Saturday was National Dance Day so I met up with my cousin to go to Lincoln Center. First we went to a Mexican place for food which was nice.

I had the chicken quesadilla while she got the three cheese one so there was no chance of me tasting hers. Mine already had in a little cheese so I was pushing it. The restaurant is called El Mitote on the upper west side and it was truly an authentic Mexican restaurant. The menu was in full Spanish, their lemonade was made with limes like its done in the Caribbean and they were playing Selena. According to Brianna their guacamole was really good. I didn’t have any but she had two big sets of it so it must have been really really good. 

Then we went back to Lincoln Center for Dance Day. This year it was Alex Wong, Adam Shankman and two other choreographers we didn’t really know but we stayed to do the beginners routine. There wasn’t as big of a crowd as last year which I think is because tWitch and Alison weren’t there.

This was from last year after all the dancing and I stayed behind to get me a picture. That didn’t happen this year. Sad to say that the people they brought for this year didn’t bring as big of a crowd as last year but it was still fun for what it was.

The sun was blaring down on us so we left after the beginners routine and we to Starbucks. I’ve been trying to find drinks there that I can have that don’t have dairy or caffeine so I did. Strawberry Lemonade, blended. It’s more like a juice but it was still good. Brianna got the Passion Tea Lemonade which was also good. Not too sweet but still had a good taste. Then we had to walk to however many blocks to Port Authority to put her on a bus to go home. Fun. I always have fun spending the day with her so I really didn’t mind walking her. 

Oh I almost forgot, we went into Duane Reade after lunch cause I forgot my gum and look what we found.

This tiny pack of gum is soooo cute and no it is not the normal size like Claire thought. It’s a mini pack. I just think its really cool but the tastes doesn’t last as long as the other one for some reason. Maybe they changed something, I don’t know but its different. 

Sunday meant taking the two and a half hours to Brooklyn to my Aunt’s house to pick up packages that were sent there. It’s always good to spend time with them but there has to be a faster way to get there by train. I know by car it’s pretty easy but that trip both ways could be about 6 hours of trains and buses. I then had to rush back home to see my aunt off before they left so there I was, running down the street in 31 degree weather like a crazy person but I got there just in time. 

This week I have to finish up a couple applications that have a deadline this week and start back my workouts so that is my to do list for this week. 🙂 I’ve also had a couple of ideas for posts I could do but I don’t want to say them and then I never do them making me feel bad for not doing it. Sort of like making a to do list at the end of a day to make yourself feel better. 

Anyways, breakfast is calling me.


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