From the Big Screen

So I’ve been putting off this post for a while for a couple reasons. For one, last week I had to make a quick trip to Jersey to stay with my cousins so I didn’t really have time to write anything even though I had all intentions of doing a post there. Secondly, I still wasn’t sure I wanted to do an entire post about movies. And then a whole week went by and I still hadn’t written anything so I’m just gonna tell you about all the movies I’ve been watching. 

A couple weeks ago I watched The Judge. I had always planned on watching this but I never got around to it so the fact that it showed on tv was a plus. The story for this movie is really good and well thought out. Even though it starts off at a point that is a bit vague, the fact that it doesn’t keep referring to it doesn’t make it so bad. Of course by the end of the film I was in tears. I’ve come to realized I’m a bit of a crier in movies and everyone has now come to expect it. The acting was also superb in this, not just Robert Downey Jr. but the other cast as well. It really explores the relationships between family members and how the perception of others can affect your own actions and how you think of people. The father (The Judge) didn’t want anyone to know he was sick because of the position he held in the community which affected how he treated others. The son didn’t want his father to know how affected he was by the way his father treated him so he never let his daughter meet him which more affected her since she thought her grandfather was dead. It was just an interesting movie and story line. 

I finally watched Insurgent which I’ve been waiting to watch since I went to Dallas with Nick in March. Since I read the books a couple years ago I was going into it only remembering some of the stuff so I was still happy with it. I know a lot of people said it wasn’t that great but it gave a lot of back story for the world that she created. It showed how even though people still supported their faction, not everyone was happy with how things were handled. Amity for instance didn’t like the power and control Erudite showed over all the others. It wasn’t filled with action but the action there was was still good. There’s always that one movie in a series that lets everyone down. 

Next on my list was The Gunman which was just a movie full of fighting and shooting. Yes there was a plot but not a very deep one. I didn’t like it that much and I only watched it because it was on my list of movies to watch.

I don’t know why it took me this long to watch Home. Oh wait I do know, school. Home has been on my list since it came out but I never got the chance to watch it. I must say that I thought Rihanna did a good job it it. I heard the Bajan accent come out a couple times which made me laugh but overall you couldn’t really tell. The plot was really well thought out and the script was also well written. The ending sort of reminded me of Megamind with the starfish thing in a mechanical suit. It was still a good movie. 

Last but not least, I watched Furious 7. This was a movie I’ve been putting off watching on purpose. From the time Paul Walker died I knew I was going to cry while watching this. Then the soundtrack came out and that made me sad every time it played. Now watching the movie, whenever he came on the screen I got sad. I kept looking for signs of CGI for when his brothers helped fill in but I never saw anything. So I’ll just say, I LOVED THIS MOVIE! In a way I don’t like how it’s all becoming about heists and moving away from  the racing that started it all but I guess people don’t mind since it did so well at the box office. Maybe the next one will go back to its roots and be pure driving. As much press as The Rock did I was surprised how little he did in the movie. 

I watched a couple other movies but these were the main ones that stood out to me. Next on my list is Pitch Perfect 2 and I started to watch Paul Blart 2 but I can’t seem to get through it. I’ll try again later today. 

Anyways, I’m off to create a new adventure or something.  I’m watching the Superman from 2006 while writing this and I forgot how much this movie kind of sucked. It’s like they had all the right actors and pieces but none of it worked. For one the S on his chest is too small. 


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