To the Small Screen

So the end of summer and this means that some of my tv shows are ending or have already ended which is kinda sad. Summer tv shows are always more intense cause they have a short time to get everything done. Sorta like the first season of Scandal. But with the end of tv shows comes the season finale which is always highly anticipated so lets get into it. 

Firstly there’s Pretty Little Liars. It’s in its sixth season and we finally just found out who ‘A’ is and everything is supposed to make sense now, except that it doesn’t. With Charles/Cece as ‘A’ we’re supposed to believe that she picked up the A game from Mona when she went to Radley so everything that happened pre Mona in Radley was not Cece, right? Which means that Cece would have been ‘A’ since season 3 which makes me wonder about how she found out about all the things that go on at the high school. Mona had an excuse since she actually went to school there but how did Cece find out everything and Sarah didn’t go to school there so she couldn’t have found out either. Then you have to wonder how she was able to go out so often and for so long from Radley without raising any flags. And what about when her privileges were taken away? And what was her problem with the girls in the first place. In the whole explanation she had her problem was with her parents but she hardly spoke about how all of this had to do with the other girls. Some of it doesn’t make sense and then we have to wonder about their flash forward at the end. Whose last name does Ali have now? And who is coming after her now? I also wonder about Spencer’s hair. It’s look a little strange for about a season or so, like a wig. Her hair in the earlier seasons looked really long and silky so idk what they changed about it. 

Next is Teen Wolf. It hasn’t had its season finale yet so there’s still hope for it but it’s losing me a little. For a group of teens that are supposed to be a pack they sure keep a lot of secrets. Malia won’t tell Stiles what she found out about her Mom and Stiles won’t tell Scott about Donovan pushing him to trust Theo which we all know is a bad idea. And look how Scott not telling Kira about her aura turned out. I’m just waiting to see how this thing with Theo turns out and if he’s going to turn on the Dred Doctors. 

So You Think You Can Dance has let me down a little this season with their new format. I’m also starting to miss seeing solos more which they got to do when they had two nights instead of one. That double elimination last week really upset me cause a lot of my favs went home. I really liked Kate and Alexia and Yorelis so I was kind of upset. I have no idea who I want to win now but I really like Hailee and I did like Edson before he went home. That dance that Edson did was sooooo breathtaking and beautiful. I was hoping he wouldn’t go home to see what he would do next week but oh well. Oh and Gaby doing that hip hop was the BOMB!! The song and the choreography came together sooooo well and she was surprisingly good in it. 

I think I’m going to take a break from bad/ratchet reality tv like the Housewives of wherever and the Bad Girls Club cause it’s not so funny anymore. That means I have more time to read and work on my own writing. I’m trying to find a new trigger to write other than being upset and sad which worked like a charm when I was younger. 

Anyways, I have to go finish my breakfast and get ready for Nick coming in tomorrow!! 🙂 I still don’t know what we’re gonna be doing but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. 


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