My Week With Nick :)

To say its been an interesting two weeks is an understatement. My last post was the day before Nick got in and now it’s been about 4 days since he left. 

Soooo let’s start with the day he came in cause that was a busy day. He got here at about 9 in the morning or so and I was actually awake and showered and everything. I had so much trouble sleeping the night before for sooo many different reasons. For 1 it was hot. Secondly I woke up in the middle of the night to check my phone for messages and I somehow broke the little flap thing that’s on Galaxy S5’s, the charging port cover. I stayed up freaking out a little that I broke my phone until I realized it’s easily replaced and I don’t have to carry it in anywhere. Soo when he got here and I got in all my hugs and cheek squeezing he asked about some package my family sent to me that I was told not to open. My first thought was how in the world does he know about this mysterious package when I don’t even know anything about it. So I got it and opened it and in it was a Galaxy Tab A!! For MEEE!! 

So this is my graduation/birthday present from my family (mainly Claire) and Nick. 🙂 Anyone who’s been around me much knows I’ve been asking for a tablet for the past 2 years but I stopped asking when I got to NY since I knew all of our money was going elsewhere so I was ok. Then it became my first planned buy once I got a job so I was just waiting. But noooowwwww I got one which means I’m not on my computer as much.

So after I got over the novelty of my new toy we went to the movies to watch Man From U.N.C.L.E. which was AMAZING!! I love the British humour and everything about the movie was just really good. The jokes were subtle and not out there but I still found myself literally laughing out loud. Henry Cavill did a really good job with this. 

So that was basically our Saturday. Sunday was a lazy day. We had planned to go to the mall but after eating breakfast and showering I was back in bed not wanting to go anywhere so we said it would just be a lazy day of watching tv. About an hour later we got bored and went to the mall. I picked up a couple of those $2 camisoles from Forever 21 and a headpiece for the 360 so that I could talk to Claire while playing. I think I spent at most $20 so I was happy. 

On Monday we made my usual trip to Walmart for food for the week. I usually like to get there by 2 but with Nick I think we made it around 3 so it was a bit more packed than usual. The screaming kids really got to him but I just tuned them out. Surprisingly it wasn’t too hot which was great. There was a nice breeze and walking across the car park didn’t feel like walking across the desert. 

I think on Tuesday we just stayed home and I made him watch movies. He had said that he was on vacation and didn’t want to go back to Montreal tired so I threw out all my ideas of going exploring Soho and Chinatown. Plus he was complaining about the commute into the city. He wasn’t a fan of being on a bus and train for over an hour. 

Wednesday was the day I was really excited for. We went to IHOP. We were going to go to the one close by here but we decided to head into the city and go to the one on the lower east side. By the time it was time to transfer trains I was a bit out of it from staying awake and almost forgot we had to get a different train but we made it to IHOP eventually. Walking around on the lower east side is really nice. So at IHOP we ordered waaaayyy too much food. I didn’t even get a picture with all of it. 

This was just food and before the other 2 stacks of pancakes arrived. I’ve been wanting to go back to IHOP since I went about 3 years ago in Jersey with my cousins. We had enough food that all we ate for the entire day was IHOP, for breakfast and dinner. 

Friday was a day in the city, the city city. Not the upper east side where I kept getting off with him to save him from the city. No. We went to Time Square to meet up with Robert for lunch. Robert had a work emergency so I took the opportunity to take Nick to Smashburger. As you all know I am THE BIGGEST Smart Burger fan in Montreal. Every time I go I must go there at least once. With that said, Smashburger comes in a close second. When I was at Fulton for my summer course and I didn’t know what to eat, I always ended up there so of course Nick had to try it.

I had my usual burger with sweet potato fries and I really don’t remember what Nick had but he was happy which is all that counts. So far Nick hasn’t been a fan of American food which shows that I’ve become used to the food here but he did like Smashburger. SUCCESS!! 

We walked around some more and then went home since I was becoming cranky from being overly full and tired from walking around. When we got home I made him watch the Halo 4 movie on Netflix for what reason I don’t know but he woke up in the middle of the night pointing out the window saying that the cars have grenade launchers. I’m usually the one to be expected to sleep talk but watching someone else do it sort of explained why Claire used to laugh at me so much. 

Saturday was the real travel day. It wasn’t planned but we made the 2 1/2 hour commute to Jersey to spend the day with Robert, Deniece, and the Munchkins. This is a trip I’ve kind of wanted to make for a while. All the other times I had to go to Jersey I got a ride in with someone or I got picked up so I never got to experience it. For some reason I like going on new trips like that and figuring out what bus or train to take where. So to make this trip with Nick was funny. First of all Nick is kind of the opposite. Then he knew it was a long commute so I had to be a bit more attentive to see if he was ok or needed anything. So we made the trip and believe it or not I didn’t sleep. Instead I started a new book series. The More Than series by Jay Mclean. I’ve had this book series on my computer for a while but I never started it and I really don’t understand why. By the time we got on the bus into Jersey I was almost in tears and then a couple minutes later holding in a laugh. I loooooove these books. I’m already on book 4 so that says a lot. 

Spending the day in Jersey was a lot of fun. Nick finally got to meet the dog Zoe and I hung out with my cousins and laughed a lot. We left kinda later that we wanted to and I was falling asleep on the bus before we even got back into the city. Not my greatest planning moment but Nick stayed awake. By the time we got home it was around 1:20am buuuutttt this trip showed me that the buses don’t stop running after a certain time from the Jamaica Center station so it wasn’t a complete loss. 

Sunday was the ultimate lazy day since he was leaving so we tried updated Barry (my laptop) to Windows 10 but it didn’t work so we just watched tv. After he left I just slept. 

In case you were wondering, I did apply for jobs while Nick was here so my schedule wasn’t completely messed up when he came. He just sat there and ate fruit snacks while I did what I had to do which was nice. Speaking of fruit snacks, I usually buy the mixed fruit packets for variety but a couple days ago I open one and I get this:

That’s 7 grapes!! The first time it happened it was 8 and I was like it just must have been a fluke but then I got this one. How is this mixed fruit?? 

Anyways, I’m off to get lunch since I just finished my workout (first time in over a month) and applied for a couple jobs. It’s been a productive day so far so I’m just gonna continue that.

Carla 🙂

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