It’s World Cup Season!

So this post is about 4 days late and the football World Cup is to blame. I’ve been watching about 2 matches per day if not more and its been an awesome tournament so far with tons of surprises and upsets. Like seriously how in the world is Barcelona-and-Friends (Spain) knocked out already. I know everyone is blaming the players and yea they’re part of the problem but half of BaF is on Real Madrid and they were playing in the Champions League up to like a month ago so of course they’re tired and then to go straight to national practices or whatever while tired is gonna cause problems. To me the other problem with BaF is management. WHY of WHY would you put these tired players to play full matches when there are other people who haven’t played that much but would still do well. Like Fabregas should’ve played more especially in the second match and WHY WAS TORRES PLAYING? There were so many things wrong and the players just looked frustrated with the choices made by management. I actually feel bad for some of the players, not Casillas. Casillas played his old way of coming out the box like if he belongs out with everyone else. Someone needs to pay him to stay in his goal bars stop coming out so far. It’s the same crap he does at Real Madrid and they stopped playing him as much so that should have been the first sign that he should have been on the bench. Sigh, the only other teams I’m supporting are the Netherlands, France maybe but only because of Benzema, Argentina, and of course Brasil. Portugal will be a team to watch especially with the antics of Pepe to keep everyone entertained but its far from surprising. He plays the same way with Madrid. The only difference is that Marcelo isn’t there to keep his company and to take turns. 

The last time I posted it was around “midterm” time for my online course and it was a lovely week. I lazied around and watched a whole lot of Netflix, I watched more hair videos, studied a little for the midterm and did the project. It was a pretty good week. Now that it’s back to normal the last thing I feel like doing is work. It’s Thursday which means that by my normal standards I would be almost done these two modules but I’m not even half way through the first one. After this England-Uruguay match it’s gonna be a whole long of work being done tonight because tomorrow is LASER TAG!! I’m so excited to play some real life Halo. Yes that is an indication of how I will be playing. It will be just like how I play at home, maybe even a little worse. I’m just excited.
Of course reviews have to be in here. We (finally) watched X-Men: Days of Future Past last week and let me just tell you: WOW!

I liked how the movie continued to fill in the blanks between the last movie and this one and they introduced more characters that we know from the cartoon X-Men: Evolution, Speedy Magneto’s son. I was really satisfied with the movie especially how even though the movie was really long it didn’t feel long. It just felt like we were living through it. And who knew Kitty had that power. Like how much more can all of the other’s powers evolve? I was still left with a couple questions. 
1) Why was Mistique pretending to be Striker at the end? Does that mean she takes Logan and does the whole “make his bones metal” thing since Magneto mentioned it earlier?
2) If its Mistique that takes Logan when and how does he meet Striker and if history was changed by Mistique not killing the Trask guy and taking Logan does that mean that Logan doesn’t have the metal claws in the future?

Yea the movie left me with a whole lot of questions that I’m sure they’ll fill in with the next movie (they better) but I just want to know now. 

What else have I been doing?? Well I’ve been exercising again which has been fun. I only did it once this week because of World Cup but it’s been good. I also tried a caesar salad from Smart Burger which left a lot to be desired. 

For one it didn’t have in chicken like I thought it would. That would cost another $3. I don’t even think I’m going to get a salad from there again cause the croutons were so soft and not yummy that I don’t even want to experience that again. The lettuce was also drowning in salad dressing that just made it hard to eat. There is a new place close to Smart Burger that has salads that I think I will try. 

Next week, my last week here, we’re going to watch Transformers!! 

I’m actually very excited to watch this partially because its a whole new human cast and mostly because of Mark Wahlberg. The story line seems a bit interesting as well but its a Michael Bay movie so its gonna be whole lot of explosions and gun fire which will make it AWESOME to watch in IMAX 🙂

So Uruguay just scored on England and it’s almost half time so I’ll use this time to get some stuff done before world cup sucks me back in 🙂

kthnxbai 😉

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