Happy Under The Umbrella

Like everyone else I’ve been loving the content Netflix has been giving us and The Umbrella Academy is no different. We binge watched season one when it first came out and were left wanting more. The story and the acting were just perfect for the show and I loved it. I was constantly checking for season 2 updates from filming to seeing what the actors were up to. I became quite obsessed for a while.

Surprisingly when the new season came out I gave myself a day before jumping back into that world. I knew that once I dipped my toe into that there would be no coming out for at least a day, so I had to plan things accordingly. Luckily, with a long weekend and a rainy day, I was able to relax into watching the whole season in one day.


First off, I LOVE this season. Everything flowed nicely and it was great to see how some of their stories intertwined. Season one was a great introduction into the characters and getting to know where they are in life and how they got to that point. It was a great back story. Season 2 gave you more of their individual personalities and let us know what each sibling would be like by themselves. We got to seem them kind of flourish without having to think too much about the others. It was reassuring to see them fall back to the things that we saw from season 1.

Of course a lot of their choices stem from their issues with their father. Luther becomes basically a hired muscle because that’s basically all his father saw him as. Diego has his hero complex and tries to save the president. Allison is quietly helping along the civil rights movement by organizing a sit-in. I love that Klaus accidentally started a cult and then got tired of them but good on him for staying sober for three years. As usual Five is chaotic and the one trying to bring everyone together. All he wants to do is save his siblings and the rest of the world but because of all his time travel he acts more like a father figure to the other siblings. They’re all scared of him and the only one that actually goes up against him, is himself.

It was great to see Vanya come into her powers a bit and sort of get a blank slate when it comes to her learning how to use her powers. She never got the same type of learning curve the others did so that was cool to see. It was sad to see that even though she’d pine after Luther, Allison would still marry someone else instead of waiting for him. That may have to do with the times and his race but then it could also be that she found love in someone else.


What was also interesting to see their relationships with each other in smaller groups. Klaus and Allison seem closer than say Diego and Allison or Luther and Klaus but there was a bit of hope with Luther and Vanya. The way that Allison and Vanya were able to rekindle their sister relationship was so comforting and how Klaus fit in so well with them. I love how Allison accepts Klaus for who he is without trying to hard to change him or his choices.

The saddest part was watching the relationship between Ben and Vanya come to a close. I love that he got to say goodbye finally and then we learn that as much as he complained about being stuck with Klaus, it was his choice. He stayed because he wanted to.

So yea I loved this season and as usual I want more. It hasn’t been confirmed yet if there’s going to be a season 3 but I hope there is cause I need to know who is in this Sparrow Academy that Ben is in. How is he in both the Umbrella Academy and the Sparrow Academy? What did they change in the past that did that??


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