Weekly Wish List: TV Shows to Finish

As you can probably tell, I love stories. Written or on screen, I’m a sucker for a good story. Unfortunately I also suffer from too much choice dilemma and that means that some stories fall through the cracks as new ones pop up. TV shows have fallen victim to this where I start one and never finish it because they take a break or I don’t like where the story is going and then years later I get curious about the story so I try to finish it. So here are some shows my curiosity wants me to finish.


Teen Wolf was one of those shows I watched religiously. Every week I would live tweet as I watched but then I moved and didn’t have access to watch it. Things got weird in the show and they wrote integral characters in my opinion (Kira) out of the show. Didn’t make sense. But now that the show is finished I want to know how it finished. Especially with Dylan O’Brien’s injury.

I stopped watching Hawaii Five-0 on principal. They had a serious wage disparity between the headlining actors that was blatant and disappointing. The other actors also did nothing to help the problem, just sat back in their stack of cash and watched. I also didn’t like what I read about how they treated the characters once the actors decided to leave. There were so many things wrong. Since then they hired some actors of colour (probably didn’t pay them well) and I sort of feel like to give those new actors a chance in my eyes I need to view their work. I’m also a sucker for a strong female character.

I don’t really remember why I stopped watching Agents of Shield. It just sort of happened and then I was too far behind. I’ve tried a couple times to catch up but I kind of feel like I need to go back a bit and get all involved and invested again. There’s really nothing wrong with the show and I like the actors and characters so I just need to get myself together and finish it.

I have sadly not finished Scandal. The worse part is that I only have like half a season left. I’ve never been an Olitz fan so I think that’s why I’m not really pressed to finish it since that’s the narrative they seem to be pushing. That and I’ve already read and forgotten what happens in the end and who dies. I think it’s just been a timing thing, other shows came up that filled the void while they were on a break and now I can’t find my way back.

Of course there are a lot of other shows I’ve started and not finished, Blindspot, Scorpion, Designated Survivor, but these are the ones I think I’m ready to tackle and cross off my list. Once these are done I’ll maybe get to the others. 🙂


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