The Royal Book Review

So I’ve been taking a break from being so present on social media (yay mental health love!!) and putting more time into things that make me feel good. For about two months all my free time went into playing games, (Warzone is addictive!) so I’ve been making time for other things, like looking for new recipes to try, and cleaning up some of the books on my tablet aka my e-reader. I know I’ve made numerous lists about books to read but I have this condition where I see the list of books I have and then read over Significance before reading anything on the list. I also just wanted to finish up some books I got a while ago and I’m really glad I did.


A couple months ago I wanted to read more royal themed books. I’ve read a few before but I couldn’t find anymore that stood up to that standard. I started one called The Swedish Prince but really didn’t like how weak they portrayed the girl and then how entitled and dominating the guy was. It was weird. I guess this just confirms that I really can’t be stuck in the mind of a character like that. I did however find two series that I have fallen in love with.

First off is the Crown Jewels series by Melanie Summers.

So this series fits into my requirements of an older protagonist, working age, and it is seriously funny and down to earth. Book one, The Royal Treatment, has a relevant story where the royals in this made up country are on the brink of being voted out of power and how the Crown Prince works to avoid this fate that somehow involves working with one of his most outspoken haters. She is strong, she is quirky, and she’s not afraid to voice her opinion. Obviously they start a royal romance but it’s different in that she has to learn to be royal but he also has to adapt to her non-royal values and ways of doing things. There are things she’s simply not willing to give up from her “common” life. I found myself laughing into silence like a crazy person while reading this series and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is struggling to fit in somewhere they feel they don’t belong in. You learn how to identify things to compromise on and things that you shouldn’t. This book was also written relatively recently and makes reference to real royals for a fun addition.


My second royal series is The Royals by Nichole Chase.

The first book, Suddenly Royal, was such an easy book to fall into. The protagonist is a personable, hard working woman who is thrown into the crazy life of a royal by her own heritage. This one is different in that she doesn’t simply marry into the royal life but was born into it unknowingly. She still marries a prince but that comes after. I love how determined she is to find her way through all of the changes in her life on her own terms and questions everything. She knows when to ask for help but knows herself enough to want to handle things her way. Like other series I’ve read, the other two books in this series follow the siblings of her Prince as they grow into their royal roles so in a way it’s also a coming of age series. We still get glimpses of everyone’s lives as the point of view changes which gives for a fuller take on situations.

Now that those are done I am free to start on all of these lists I’ve made. I’ve finally started Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine so I’ve made some progress there. As usual there’s a link to my Goodreads account if you want to look up any books I’ve read or plan to read.

Happy reading!


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