Weekly Wish List: Studying Stationery

This is probably the first weekly wish list where I have most of things already and will re-purchase or will probably go out and buy very soon. All of it. If you’ve been at school with me then you know that I always have a set of normal pens, coloured pens, highlighters, post its, coloured tabs and every piece of stationery possible. That hasn’t changed. Some people think it’s gotten worse. The colours help you remember the work right? Now that I’m back studying these are the things that are helping me stay organized and motivated to keep going.


Highlighters are a must. What I’ve found is that over the years I’ve become a highlighter snob. The colours have to be bright and neon, none of this dingy looking thing I find sometimes. Even without buying super expensive ones my go to favourite right now is the Staples brand.

I’m new to using coloured pens for more than underlining. I’ve been using these to make new terms or important words stand out a bit more. Paired with the right highlighter on top that word really stands out and is engraved in your memory when studying. It really helps to picture the page to remember what you’ve studied. I got these from De Serres and I’m really happy with them.

Something I’ll be going out to buy very soon is a set of flash cards. The course I’m doing has a lot of formulas and terms to remember that are a bit specific so I’ll be using flash cards to help drill in these things and to test my reflexes for when I need to remember what these things are. I actually haven’t used flash cards since my GMAT days so this will be interesting.

Post It tabs are new to me and I may have gone a bit overboard. It started out quite good and all but it got out of hand very quickly I admit. I think all of it will come in handy when doing my overall studying once I finish going through all the chapters so for now this is debatable for the next volume of studying. I do love flicking them to hear that sound though


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