Weekly Wish List: Quarantine Life

As I look around at all of my stuff, it’s hard to think I could want anything, BUT being the shopaholic and consumer than I am, I really want to work on getting some lifestyle things.


So this first one we’re currently working on but it’s going to take a while for it to come together but I could do with a bit more desk space. Before studying I didn’t really need more space and I used my desk as a vanity basically but I need that space now. Hopefully IKEA holds to their delivery date.

Next on my list is a Ravesburger puzzle. It’s been about a year since we’ve gotten a new puzzle and I kind of miss the feeling of working on a physical puzzle (I have the puzzle app which is ok to go to sleep with). I know people went crazy at the beginning of lockdown and bought out the puzzles but I’m thinking (and hoping) that they’re back in stock soon.

I’ve started a journey of seriously working out at home. I know in an earlier post I said that I try to workout most evenings but I wasn’t really pushing myself during the workouts. After a meltdown I downloaded a new app (FitOn) and I’ve been doing those but what I want now are some looped resistance bands to use while I workout.


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